Underground Recap: Mike Awesome Gets His World Title Rematch Against Corino


Underground starts off with a very smug Steve Corino who will be defending his World Title against Mike Awesome in a much-deserved rematch. Corino states that Mike Awesome was World Heavyweight Champion for 10 minutes, but he ran into Steve Corino and he’ll be fighting him upcoming in Orlando in a rematch. He very likely has a plan, but Steve Corino is a thinking man’s wrestler. He is smarter than any wrestler on the planet and that’s why he is the World Heavyweight Champion. No matter how many weights he lifts or how many powerbombs he puts Corino through, the champion will outsmart Awesome and tongiht will be the big man’s final shot at that Heavyweight gold.

CW Anderson vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

This is the first of two matches in which both Dr. Death and Sandman have to win their matches against the Extreme Horsemen in order to get a shot at the Global Crowne Tag Titles. CW starts off on a quick attack, but Dr. Death jabs Anderson right out of the ring to recuperate. Suddenly, Dr. Death goes airborn at CW with an over the top crossbody.

A table becomes a factor on the outside as both men feel the wrath of the wood, but ultimately, it’s Dr. Death who controls the pace and violence by tossing CW over the barricade with the greatest of ease. We go to break.

Action is back in the ring and it’s not long before Dr. Death hits his Oklahoma Stampede laying CW flat, but Anderson’s leg knocks over John Finnegan. This allows Simon Diamond to run in with a hard superkick. He places Anderson over Williams and everything looks all over as Finnegan comes to to administer the pinfall, but Williams shows why he’s one tough S.O.B. by getting a shoulder up. Sandman comes in and chases Diamond off.

Williams musters up enough strength to hit his back drop driver for the 1-2-3 and does his part at getting a shot at the Tag Team Crowne titles.

WINNER: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

We are introduced to Da Hit Squad from Brooklyn. They’re here to show who’s the baddest boys in MLW. They talk about their toughness, but they do give credit where it’s due and that can be said for The Samoan Island Tribe, but that exit sign shines for everyone. It’s time for the Samoans to hit that long-awaiting road. Are they ready? They better be on their A-game tonight, because they ain’t playing games.

Abdullah The Butcher was the mysterious man who attacked Terry Funk and it was such a bloodbath that MLW is not allowed to show it on television. There happens to be a man who wants to end the wrestling career of Terry Funk: The Extreme Horsemen want to have Jerry Lawler brought in to do the honors. Styles is hoping to have Court Bauer give an update tonight.

CM Punk has been antagonizing Raven about his debaucherous lifestyle over the course of his career and The Straight Edge star decided to rub it in by standing behind a “bar” he dubbed “Hybrid Happy Hour.”

“Raven, you’re losing (if not you already lost) your edge,” Punk said. “All those late nights of partying and drinking beer and doing shots is getting you nowhere fast here in MLW. You have met your match. An old man in 2003 isn’t going to get any better doing all the hard drugs and illegal substances you partake of. For instance, this poison that I hold in my hand right here,” Punk said in disgust as he dumped out the shot of whiskey over his shoulder.

“See Raven, I’ve played your game, time and time again here in MLW and sooner or later, you’re going to have to play mine, under my rules, under straight-edge rules. And when we do that, you’re going realize, that I am the choice of the new generation and you’ll find out exactly why straight-edge means I’m better than you.”

Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack & Mafia) vs. Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Ekmo)

The four behemoths stare each other down before Da Hit Squad attacks SIT. Ekmo hoists Mafia up who frees himself, but it’s not long before it all quickly spills out of the ring and weapons are an immediate fact. Ekmo bashes a chair hard against Mafia’s back and Ekmo goes to back splash onto him via a leaning table on the outside. Mafia moves and it’s Ekmo who feels that pain.

Back in the ring Ekmo goes for a vert suplex, but Da Hit Squad double suplex while Samu is out on outside. A figure four is locked in by Mafia and Monsta Mack comes off the top with a thunderous frog splash.

The match is nearly had by Samu drags the referee off of the canvas for a last ditch save. Ekmo hits a swinging uranage before The Samoans charge at their foes harshly in each corner.

SIT tosses out the ref as they continue to want to inflict pain. Finally the senior official John Finnegan has decided to end the bout.

Post-decision, all hell has broken loose between officials, security, SIT and Da Hit Squad.

Los Maximos are standing backstage. Everyone’s always complaining about everything. Well stop complaining. People should be appreciative of what they got. Their two years training at House of Hardcore have prepped them for everything and that even means taking out the competition in Japan. Expect the unexpected!

Sabu is in the back with Bill Alfonso. Alfonso saw what Mikey Whiprwreck and James Mitchell did to Sabu by slamming his head in the door. They’ll get their retribution tonight.

Mikey Whipwreck is with James Mitchell. He is ready for Daniels to return to come back and battle against Sabu. He’s all about an eye for an eye and is fully confident that Daniels will extract a pound of flesh from Sabu’s body. Mikey, however sees and errant spike on the ground and Mitchell is more than certain that it’s from the hands of Sabu.

World Heavyweight Championship
Mike Awesome vs. Steve Corino (c)

Awesome doesn’t waste any time as the bell rings an he’s on the offense. Mighty hard splash in the corner. Awesome delivers a big leafue German suplex before straight up clotheslining Corino out of the ring.

He sends Corino harshly into the guardrail. Corino backbody drops Awesome over that very rail and takes control of the match. The cocky Corino gets a little big for his britches and Awesome vaults himself back in the ring for a jumping shoulder block. Corino, however, dropkicks the knees of Awesome and begins to focus on his long-time injury. Corino resorts to the use of a hard steel chair. Awesome is used to such means and powers through the pain to superplex the champion crisply against the canvas. Cover for two.

Corino connects with a low kick, but Awesome isn’t against using the steel chair to his advantage either (and boy, he does). A sit out Awesome Bomb is followed up by an Awesome Splash and somehow Steve shoves a shoulder up.

The challenger doesn’t waste any time and slides in two tables. One gets propped up one corner, the other gets propped up in the opposite. Corino wriggles free from the Awesome Bomb and Finnegan accidently gets nailed. Corino connects with a super kick, but Awesome does connect with an Awesome Bomb through one of the tables. Awesome then hits for the cycle and Awesome Bombs him through the opposite one as well. Finnegan sort of comes to and slowly administers the count and the champion kicks out.

Corino stumbles to his feet and slugs Awesome with a roll of quarters. Aweoms perseveres and pushes up a shoulder. Out come Corino’s Horsemen cohorts to keep Awesome canvas bound. Who comes out but a bloody Terry Funk after one brutal battle with Abdullah The Butcher.

Terry begins to clear house, but inadvertently tosses a chair at Awesome! Corino creeps in for the cover as Diamond and CW Anderson isolate Terry to get the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL World Champion: Steve Corino

Post-match, Corino sets his sights on Terry as The Horsemen hang him over the ring ropes! Dr. Death and The Sandman come out to balance the scales as the show closes out!

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