Salina de la Renta storms out of MLW HQ

Scandal and innuendo swirl around Salina

Salina de la Renta’s road to rehabilitating her relationship (and image) with the league continues to be a bumpy road. 

Moments ago the Puerto Rican powerbroker was seen exiting the league’s Westchester, NY headquarters very loudly, unleashing Spanish-laced expletives before hopping in a black Cadillac Escalade. Before leaving, the empresaria stated she was heading to the airport to “deal with some business and revenge.”

The Promociones Dorado empresaria has been determined to get her promoter and managing licenses cleared to pave the way to a return.  She’s also been at odds with MLW over her claims of producing a future episode of FUSION. 

According to a league official who insisted on anonymity, Salina made her own claims against Konnan, which are believed to be unfounded.

MLW has heavily sanctioned and fined de la Renta following her on and off connections to CONTRA came to light this fall.

Before leaving, de la Renta did make a vague statement and threat directed at Konnan and his well being. League officials are reviewing phone footage of the statement, a statement which certainly doesn’t help de la Renta’s efforts to convince MLW to give her a second chance.

Salina was slated to appear on tomorrow’s FUSION. Will the Promociones Dorado dealmaker still appear? And if she does, what will she say? Tune in to find out.

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