Tankman being recruited by managers & promoters


Everyone wants to be in the Calvin Tankman business

As the Heavyweight Hustle picks up steam, so does recruitment efforts by managers and promoters from around the world.

“Everyone wants to be in the Calvin Tankman business,” said one promoter.

Tankman, who signed with Major League Wrestling this past spring, has been one of the most talked about competitors as part of MLW’s Restart.

“This guy is a physical freak,” said one scout.

There have been rumors that Team Filthy is “intrigued” by Tankman’s MMA training and see him as a possible target as they expand the team in 2021.

Konnan, AAA co-founder and forever known as the guiding light of some of the best luchadores, has been super high on Tankman’s athleticism and uncanny agility.

Of course, Salina de la Renta has been eying making moves with Promociones Dorado.

“With someone like Calvin Tankman, you basically are signing a future champion and all of the money and clout that comes along with representing him,” said one promoter who preferred to remain anonymous.

Will Tankman elect to have representation? Or, will the hottest athlete to hit MLW in some time decide to stand tall alone?

Watch Calvin Tankman vs. Zenshi from this week’s FUSION.

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