Lio Rush & Myron Reed photo shoot drama

Lio Rush playing mind games with Myron Reed?

The World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed along with challenger Lio Rush participated in a pre-fight photo shoot today for their big World Middleweight Championship showdown this Wednesday night.

Reed, the longest reigning World Middleweight Champion in history, will defend the title against Lio Rush in the main event of Kings of Colosseum at 7pm ET as MLW presents a free marquee event available on YouTube, Fubo Sports Network, DAZN, beIN and the Roku Channel.

On short notice, Lio Rush insisted the photo shoot take place in Los Angeles, with MLW using his photographer. Rush has a contractual provision that he can veto any and all promotional marketing tied to him, forcing the league to honor the last minute change of plans.

The request by the challenger created chaos not only for the league but for the World Middleweight Champion. Myron Reed’s camp had to change their schedule, which originally had the champ departing from Louisville to Orlando today. On just 3 hours notice, Reed was being told he would have to do a coast-to-coast flight for the pre-fight photo shoot and then fly to Orlando for the fight on Wednesday.

Reed was said to be initially livid but realizing Lio Rush’s diva games were by design, Reed showed up early and stayed late after the shoot wrapped. From signing autographs to buying dinner for the production crew as they struck the set, Reed proved to be a class act.

Meanwhile, as soon as the last photo was snapped, Lio Rush was back in his Maserati Trofeo in under 60 seconds.

Vowing to be the “Young GOAT” and greatest World Middleweight Champion in history, Reed looks to cement that legacy as he takes on pound-for-pound the greatest uncrowned middleweight in the sport in Lio Rush.

See Rush vs. Reed this Wednesday at 7pm.

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