Fusion Recap: Salina de la Renta Presents Los Parks vs. Von Erichs For Tag Titles


Are we in for a special this week as MLW Fusion is not only presented by www.newlawoffice.com, but it happens to be executive produced by “The Bruja” herself, Salina de la Renta!

Salina starts the show off being flanked by Rich Bocchini and Jared St. Laurent as she admonishes Rich for his vileness and previews tonight’s main event featuring The Von Erichs defending their Tag Team Championships against Los Parks with special guest referee, Tom Lawlor.

Low Ki vs. Budd Heavy

The bout is quicker than a New York Minute as The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn comes charging heavy at Heavy with a running elbow strike and downs the big man for the knock out and the referee stoppage. Eight seconds. That’s all it took.


We see a heated Low Ki standing on stage as he brings up his grudge with King Mo and Dan Lambert. They may have caught him off guard last February in Philadelphia, but The Professional wants them to know that “The party is not over!”

The party has just begun for Lio Rush as we cut to the new Middleweight Champion still bathing in the thrill of victory against Myron Reed. He says he’s the 25-year-old piece of gold as his very own single “Do You Remember?” sets the tone for his moment of celebration.

Neither Rich or Jared St. Laurent haven’t heard from Konnan in days. Salina walks in and demands production to roll the footage. We see her appear in San Diego as she lights a candle of the Blessed Mother and she implies that Konnan has breathed his final breath when Muertes finally arrived. For years, he’s threatened her, but ultimately, he’s paid the final price. The only legacy you leave behind is the monster he forced her to unleash unto the world. Now everyone who has wronged her in MLW will pay.

It looks like Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island has a start date: February 17.

CONTRA cuts the feed. It’s Mads Krugger. He says he is impressed with Hammerstone’s strength, size and ability, but he believes he senses fear. He demands Hammer to bring the National Openweight Title to the ring of CONTRA, deep in the underground.

Mil Muertes (presented by Salina de la Renta) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

“The Man of 1,000 Deaths” looks ever the presence as Pillman sizes him up from across the ring before taking a bit to assess the situation on the outside. Bell rings and Brian does the same again. Muertes is indeed an individual that is mighty unpredictable, but the speed and skill of Pillman makes the most of avoiding the man. Brian chops at Muertes, but nothing doing. Pillman goes for the sunset flip but Muertes pulls him up by the ears and lariats him down harshly for a flurry of punches. The ref somehow manages to coerce Muertes off.

A side suplex downs Brian for some knees, but Pillman tries to fight back, only to get a powerslam for his efforts. Two count.

Muertes gouges the face of Pillman before delivering several lariat arms in the corner. Muertes looks to be going for a uranage, but Brian tries to give him some elbows. Instead, Muertes turns it into his flatliner finisher, Straight To Hell, for the 1-2-3. Hell of a debut, indeed.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

MLW and IWA Puerto Rico have joined forces and it will include other promotions in Japan and Mexico.

With this alliance, obviously we need to get word from the IWA Carribean Champion, Richard Holliday. He thanks Salina for the time and he’s upset he’s not getting the proper recognition from MLW or IWA. He also takes exception to “Fraudio” Vega coming up with excuses as to why he’s not the champion. Holliday invites Savio to bring his excuses anytime, any place and he’ll bring the championship. They can settle such matters in the ring.

Is Tom Lawlor going to call this match down the middle? What a ridiculous question and what’s even more ridiculous is that ACH got a World Title before he did, The 2020 Opera Cup Champion! He even defeated ACH in his path to that trophy. There’s a lot of things that he could do, but tonight he’s got a World Tag Team Title match to officiate.

Myron Reed is not a happy camper right now. Not only did he lost his belt, but CONTRA took he and Jordan Oliver out (and destroyed his vest). Not only that, Oliver adds, but Jordan hasn’t forgotten them taking out their friend Kotto Brazil. That means he’s thinking about all of them. “Step up! We wanna fight! We’re ready and we’re going to serve you up some justice!”

Salina thinks the show is going great, but that’s until Bocchini informs her that Promociones Dorado has been sold. This news causes Salina to promptly leave the camera.

National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone appears to respond to Mad Krugger’s claim that he’s afraid. Hammer admits that yes, he does have fear, but it’s not of Krugger. He’s afraid of failure and afraid of not living up to his potential. He’s been running a marathon and at the end of that marathon, there’s the World Title and Jacob Fatu sitting pretty. So CONTRA can throw any hurdle they want at him on his run for that prize, either way he’s going to jump that hurdle or God willing, he’s gonna kick it down. Yeah, he’s afraid. He’s very afraid of what he’s going to do to him, but he’s not scared of him. He’s more than ready to be at CONTRA’s clubhouse. He’ll be there and he’ll fight Krugger on CONTRA’s terms.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top Ten

(10) Laredo Kid (9) ACH (8) Myron Reed (7) Mads Krugger (6) Richard Holliday (5) Lio Rush (4) LA Park (3) Low Ki (2) Tom Lawlor (1) Alexander Hammerstone

It’s main event time.

World Tag Team Championships
Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park with Salina de la Renta) vs. The Von Erichs (c)

Special guest referee: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

The deck is evidently stacked against Ross and Marshall as Los Parks use Lawlor as a barrier to attack the brothers. Lawlor, ever the professional, holds up the belts to make the bout official as LA Park and his eldest choke the daylights out of The Von Erichs. Park takes off his belt and whips it across the backs of both Ross and Marshall.

He then begins choking Ross with it as El Hijo steps on the throat of Marshall. The Chairman brings in a stool to the ring and slams Ross against it before slamming Marshall with it. Lawlor seemingly doesn’t notice. This match is major chaos as Lawlor tries to act official by telling Los Parks to watch with the closed fists (yeah, right.)

Los Parks go to double team Marshall, but the younger Von Erich bides enough time to deliver stereo dropkicks with the older bro, sending father and son to the outside. This sets them up perfectly for the Von Erichs to continue their radio frequency with a set of stereo dives.

Back in the ring, Marshall goes after LA Park, but Lawlor holds him back and it allows the two to trade shots. Marshall soon however manages to counter and puts Park in an abdominal stretch. El Hijo runs interference, but Ross hits a superkick and then a falcon arrow. He covers only to receive a VERY slow two count from Lawlor.

Hijo gets a harsh kick on Ross and sunset flip rolls him for a very fast two count from Lawlor.

LA Park does a reverse DDT drop onto Marshall. Marshall goes to the outside and LA Park delivers a flying school bus to Marshall. Hijo does the same to Ross.

Back in the ring, Lawlor feins cramps as Los Parks go to check on him. The Von Erichs roll both of them up, but Lawlor administers yet another set of slow two counts before allowing a cramp to completely interfere with his third slap of the mat. Los Parks get the brothers in similar small packages for a speedy pin count, but Ross and Marshall both kick out.

Nonetheless, the Von Erichs fight back and Lawlor finds himself tumbling over the ropes to the outside. The four duke it out on the canvas until Ross locks in The Claw on El Hijo.

Hijo is down for a clear cut three count and then some. However, Lawlor is nowhere to be seen and Ross soon loses sight as Salina maces him to release the hold.

Marshall checks on his brother and LA Park takes the moment to spear him off his feet. After this happens, Salina’s associate lifts up the ring skirt to reveal LA Park Jr. He knees Ross, setting him up for another spear by his father.

Fittingly enough, in comes in The Filthy One to administer the fastest three count you’ll ever witness.

WINNER and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Los Parks

LA Park said he’d quit MLW if he didn’t win a title and sure enough Salina made it happen via nefarious means.

As the show wrapped, the mystery surrounding the acquisition of Promociones Dorado thickened with the below sign-off:

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