Fusion Recap: ACH Challenges Jacob Fatu For World Title


Breaking news to start off this week’s episode of MLW Fusion presented by www.newlawoffice.com: ACH, who is set to challenge Jacob Fatu tonight for the World Title. was attacked earlier in the week outside of his private gym. Despite this, ACH will still go up against CONTRA’s main event monster tonight. The perpetrators of the attack are unknown, but there’s certainly some suspects in mind. CONTRA is an obvious one as they always want to remain in control and other is Tom Lawlor. The Opera Cup Champion has felt slighted due to the fact that he defeated ACH in the tournament, yet the star from Austin, TX is getting a title shot ahead of him. Either way, we should be in major store for a major main event, but first, we see the MLW in-ring debut of Daivari.

Zenshi vs. Daivari

The newest CONTRA member locks up with Zenshi and headlock takedowns the Chilean star. Back to a vertical base, but Daivari takes him down once more. Bocchini notes that this is Daivari’s in-ring MLW debut and he has entered the Middleweight Division. He corners Zenshi, nails him with a running clothesline and then follows that up with a sickle. A pin attempt for one, but Daivari stays on top of Zenshi with a back body drop for two.

Daivari begins to shoulder thrust and wrench the arm of Zenshi. Zenshi finally fights back but Daivari sends him flying into the corner and continues to focus on the arm with stomps and then a hammerlock slam. Two count.

Daivari takes his punishment to the outside as he hammerlock slams him on the apron! The ref begins his 20 count as Daivari patiently bides his time in the canvas. He does advance on Zenshi and the high-flyer makes him pay with some turnbuckle slams into a springboard neckbreaker for a near fall!

He follows that up with a flying seated senton and a flipping cross body for another two count.

Zenshi goes for a 450 splash off the bottom turnbuckle, but Daivari gets his knees up and hits a short-arm hammerlock lariat for the win.

WINNER: Daivari

As Daivari celebrates, we see Myron Reed. If CONTRA thinks they can walk all over him and Jordan Oliver, they got another thing coming. He’s the Young Goat and CONTRA is going to get some much deserved justice. He promises that.

We see Savio Vega. He says a year ago, Richard Holliday has stolen his Caribbean Champion. “Papa’s Boy” is a “pijo” and Savio thinks they will do it in an IWA Puerto Rican way – a Carribean Strap match. MLW & IWA Puerto Rico will email him the contract. Have the cajones and sign it next week!

Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch

Both men trade forearms to start the grudge match off. A big uppercut followed by a shoulder block does nothing against the young Oliver. Same goes for Gotch and the two continue to slug it out. Gotch his a Saito suplex, but Oliver soon responds with a swift German suplex. Two count. Float-over suplex for one.

More shots traded with one another. Oliver forces Gotch out of the ring with his boot and then goes for a baseball slide, but Gotch avoids. He attacks and then hits a flush elbow drop onto the outside on Oliver. He rolls Jordan back in the ring, but enough time has passed that he only gets a one count.

Gotch hangs Oliver up in the corner to chop him hard in the throat. This knocks Oliver to the outside. Gotch sizes him up on the apron and kicks him hard in the chest!

Back in the ring, Jordan tries to chop his way back in control, but a knee to the head topples Oliver. He stays on top of the Injustice member and focuses on his submission arsenal. The deceptively tall Oliver manages to make his way to the ropes to break Simon’s rhythm.

Mid-ring, Gotch pulls back on the arm, but calls an audible with a heel hook. Oliver sits back for a pin attempt and it breaks the hold.

Back to a vertical base, Oliver finally fights back in the corner. A big running knee to the face downs Gotch and he gets a two count!

He sizes Gotch up and hits a massive boot to the mush of Gotch and it’s only good for a two count. Oliver tries to holster his frustration. He springboards off for a move, but Gotch catches him in his sleeper. He doesn’t relent and it pays off as the referee is forced to call for the bell.

WINNER: Simon Gotch

Post-match, Gotch holds on a bit before delivering his Gotch Driver. Pretty heinous, but very unsurprising from the CONTRA member.

Alica Atout asks Tom Lawlor about the “floating allegations” about the attack of ACH. The only floating Filthy Tom is aware of is the one he’s doing prepping for Filthy Island. He doesn’t give a damn about ACH or anything except for Team Filthy. They’re not going to play second fiddle to some video game character.

Alicia is joined by Salina de la Renta after news broke last week that Promociones Dorado has been purchased. When Atout does the due diligence of asking Salina the question on everyone’s mind, “The Bruja” pivots to talking about the rise of Mil Muertes before abruptly ending the interview. Atout with that journalistic mindset, vows to get to the bottom of this mystery.

We get a propaganda video from CONTRA. It’s Mads Krugger stating that he is the face of fear and he will be Alex Hammerstone’s demise. He can feel Hammer’s body breaking, because when he looks into his eyes, Hammer knows that he met his equal. In two weeks time, it will be the Openweight Champion’s downfall. That’s when their Baklei Brawl (a bare knuckles anything goes brawl with South African origins) will commence.

Alicia Atout is back for an exclusive update: she spoke with ACH and the Austin, TX native happened to hear Dominic Garrini’s voice during his attack and IDs him at the scene earlier this week. His focus isn’t on that, however, as ACH wants to dedicate his World Title match to his family and friends back home in Austin.

Holliday has responded to Savio Vega: he says he’s at a real beach in Martha’s Vineyard and he did receive the contract Savio’s misfit lawyers sent his way to his lawyer/father. They reccomended that he didn’t sign such trash, but Holliday knows the game and he says he’s a dozen steps ahead of Vega. That Carribean Strap match is next week after one year in the making! Main event time, folks.

World Heavyweight Championship
ACH vs. Jacob Fatu (c) (with Daivari)

ACH may be hurting, but he does look ready despite his ribs being taped up. The Sentai Death Squad members hold CONTRA’s flag up for their champion as Fatu enters the canvas with a red flag to lay down in the middle of the ring.

The official holds up the championship, the bell rings and Fatu is in “full attack” mode. He headbutts and then hammers ACH down in the corner. It doesn’t take “The Samoan Werewolf” long to focus on the ribs of ACH. ACH handsprings his way out of an Irish whip to dropkick Fatu out of the ring.

ACH pursues, but is caught by Fatu who smashes ACH’s body into the steel post. He drops him over the hard apron before sending him back in the ring at the seven count. His assault continues as he stomps on the bruised ribs.

Fatu corners ACH for some more shots, but a low kick levels Fatu down. ACH makes the most of it, but Fatu counters with a Samoan Drop. That has to be damaging to the ribs and Daivari reminds the champ to focus on those. Fatu punches away with chants of “Hail CONTRA” in between his attacks. There is a definite gameplan being executed.

Shoulder thrusts by Fatu in the corner. Daivari prompts Jacob to not let ACH breathe and Fatu does exactly that. He sets ACH in the corner for a charging attack, but ACH rolls free. ACh tries to lift up Fatu, but almost pays for it as Fatu falls on him for two count. He locks in a nerve hold before headbutting ACH down fiercely.

Irish whip to the corner and ACH gets nailed hard with a lariat. Fatu tries to follow up with another massive splash, but ACH has the wherewithal to move and Fatu gets crotched on the second turnbuckle. Here’s ACH’s chance. He delivers some shots and baseball slides Fatu down. A low dropkick to the side of the head sends the champion to the outside to gather his bearings.

ACH doesn’t let up and kicks Fatu hard from the apron. His ribs are really favoring however. A slingshot cutter gets an extremely close fall! Daivari is fuming at ringside.

ACH downs Fatu with some kicks to climb up top. He misses his attack, Fatu pops him up for a powerbomb, but ACH turns it into a hurricanrana. Big enziguri leads ACH trying to use his one-of-kind strength to hoist Fatu up, but a harsh kick to the ribs gives Fatu the opening for his pop-up Samoan Drop. He ascends for his devastating springboard moonsault for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

“CONTRA Unit is here and we are here to stay,” exclaims Fatu. “The body count keeps rising! Hail CONTRA!” Daivari goes to support those statements, but the two are suddenly attacked by the Sentai Death Squad flag bearers! Funny enough, all is not as it seems as they reveal themselves to be Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed! The two rebels walk out with the last laugh against the infidels as the they get the latest tactical move on the chaotic chess board.

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