How did Injustice trick CONTRA?

A plan months in the making detonates

On this week’s FUSION, CONTRA appeared to be unstoppable. Fatu, Daivari and Gotch all won their bouts, sweeping the competition in spectacular fashion… that is until Injustice dropped by.

Tricking CONTRA by dressing up as SENTAI Death Squad soldiers and attacking CONTRA, Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver finally got some justice against the global dealers in violence.

But how did Injustice manage to get their hands on SENTAI Death Squad masks and gear? has learned that it goes back to October 29 when wrestlers stormed the CONTRA occupied MLW headquarters and took back the building, thus restarting the league.

In the footage, Injustice attacks several SENTAI Death Squad soldiers… and takes their masks and some key gear before storming the building in New York and sending CONTRA retreating.

Since then, Injustice appears to have been waiting for the right moment to strike back at CONTRA for taking out one of their own members… and most recently savagely attacking both Reed and Oliver at Kings of Colosseum.

With Reed and Oliver outwitting CONTRA, how will Josef Samael and the international cabal retaliate? Only time will tell.

Watch Injustice trick CONTRA disguised as the SENTAI Death Squad.

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