Update on Konnan


Rumors swirl as Azteca Underground’s shadow looms larger

On Salina de la Renta’s special edition of MLW FUSION a few weeks ago, she revealed footage taped days earlier where she appeared outside Konnan’s house in San Diego, CA. Alluding to an imminent attack on the legendary luchador, we’d briefly see a glimpse of Mil Muertes. Since that time, Konnan has not been seen.

With rumors about Konnan’s wellbeing running rampant, likely due to Salina, MLW.com can confirm the co-founder of AAA was attacked and severely beaten. Particular details remain unclear but we’re told he is convalescing and hopes to make a full recovery — but it will take time.

With Konnan temporarily on the injured list and unusually silent, the noise surrounding the new shadowy owner of Promociones Dorado continues to grow.

Who is the new el jefe?

What exactly is Azteca Underground?

Perhaps we’ll learn more in the weeks ahead on the flagship series for the league MLW FUSION.

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