Update on Hammerstone following tonight’s Baklei Brawl


Breaking news from the site of tonight’s Baklei Brawl

Watch Hammerstone vs. Krùgger in the Baklei Brawl

MLW.com can confirm league officials, security and the medical team have secured the location of tonight’s Baklei Brawl.

Fleeing the scene as several cars arrived carrying MLW security and staff, Mads Krùgger and CONTRA soldiers were spotted the referee and camera man in the Baklei Brawl leaving a note near a still downed Hammerstone.

The “Black Hand of CONTRA” certainly left his mark on Hammerstone tonight during the Baklei Brawl. A master in the art of deception, the CONTRA commander used a decoy to get the advantage and prove he is a dangerous tactician in combat.

Hammerstone, who had his bell rung, has refused medical treatment despite a huge knot swelling on the side of his head from a crushing blow to his skull in the closing moments of the Baklei Brawl.

MLW.com will continue to cover the story as it develops.

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