Fusion Recap: Baklei Brawl Between Alex Hammerstone & Mads Krügger


“I’m very afraid of how bad I’m gonna beat you.” That’s the only thing Hammerstone is concerned with on this week’s MLW Fusion presented by www.newlawoffice.com as he meets Mads Krügger in a place of CONTRA’s choosing for a certain to be brutal Baklei Brawl. However, the program starts off with a Sentai Death Squad member squaring up against Jordan Oliver.

Sentai Death Squad (w/ Daivari) vs. Jordan Oliver (w/ Myron Reed)

Before the bell rings, Myron issues a challenge to CONTRA next week: any of their two team members versus he and Oliver, but back to the task at hand as tonight’s opener is underway and Oliver eludes the pursuing attack of the mysterious member. Oliver kicks him in the back and front, but comes up limp.

He gets a cover for a two count, but certainly is feeling the effects. Despite this, he delivers a shotgun dropkick in the corner for a two count. Oliver might have tightened up his gameplan as he goes for the killshot by springing out of the corner with an ace corner. Sure enough, it worked and it’s good enough for the win!

WINNER: Jordan Oliver

Post-match, Oliver makes clear that he’s no longer the 170-lb middleweight that you saw a year ago. Now, he’s a heavyweight at 220 and is ready for all comers, even calling out the World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. Oliver states he hopes The Samoan Werewolf was watching cause he’s coming for that shot!

Salina de la Renta sips on some wine, stating that she understands Savio Vega’s pride and ego are hurting after last week. After all, it was he who failed his country of Puerto Rico. She heard word through the grapevine is that IWA is struggling financially. Well the new provider for Promociones Dorado is a man with very deep pockets. They made him a very generous offer. “Cheers.”

Savio sure has a right to be upset about last week and not because of Salina’s statements as he was screwed out of his opportunity to retain rightful ownership of the IWA Caribbean Title in thanks to the crooked official. This official happens to have a track record of such as it’s disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy who became notorious for fixing games.

Alicia Atout has the latest information as there happened to be some discrepancies with the athletic commission and not to mention, some bets for the bout came in late. We should get word from Holliday himself as Alicia sits down with The Air Pod God himself.

Kauai, Hawaii. Ross & Marshall Von Erich aren’t exactly amped to hear Tom Lawlor is bringing his “Filthy Island” to Hawaii. Marshall is all about giving Team Filthy a good old fashioned Texas welcome (complete with bullrope beatdown). Ross does mention that sponsors are falling out for the event, but regardless the brothers are sure to pay a visit.

MLW World Tag Team Championships
TJP & Bu Ko Dao vs. Los Parks (c) (presented by Salina de la Renta)

Before the bell even rings, LA Park slugs TJP, knocking him out of the ring, but it’s El Hijo going up against Dao starting it off. Dao powers El Hijo down for a crossface, but Park gets his shoulders down for a two count. Side headlock gets a push-off from El Hijo and like son like father in this case as LA Park takes a shove at Dao too.

Back in the ring, LA Park once again gets a kick to the back of Bu Ku on the apron and as TJP tries to interject, Los Parks put the boots to Bu Ku ago. Despite that, Dao knocks El Hijo down hard and a furious TJP comes in to take some shots at El Hijo. Dao covers for a two count. Things begin to break down as Hijo fights with TJP and LA Park focuses on Dao on opposite outsides of the ring.

El Hijo shows his control in the ring as he taunts and chokes away at TJP. Dao does get back in but gets sent into the boots of LA Park. The family Irish whip both opponents into one another. TJP does catch Park with a hurricanrana and Los Parks find themselves ringside. Dao and TJP dive on top of the father/son tandem.

Dao cinches in his spinning crossface onto El Hijo and as papa comes in for the save, TJP twists him up in an octopus stretch! Dire straits for the duo, but LA Park powers TJP on top of Dao to break up the submission. TJP’s mind remains on the game as he dropkicks Park out of contention and then comes dropkicking him off the turnbuckle onto the outside!

Meanwhile Dao catches El Hijo with a spinning flatliner for a very near fall! Hijo comes flying at Dao with a forearm and then a running dropkick that gets him a two count.

Both men meet in a stalemate as they lariat one another. The mysterious “advisor” happens to be ringside and hands Salina a wad of cash. This is merely a distraction as she gets on the apron to count the money in front of the official. The advisor lifts up the apron to reveal LA Park Jr. who like his hermano, dons the red skeleton.

He hits Dao with a shoulder breaker and it’s good enough for the pinfall victory.

WINNERS and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Los Parks

Dao tries to console and apologize to a clearly frustrated TJP after the loss, but Perkins pie faces his protege down!

Laredo Kid successfully defended his AAA Cruiserweight Title against Zenshi and after the hard fought W, LK made clear he wants to be a two-title champion in AAA and MLW. Over in Los Angeles, Middleweight Champion Lio Rush is about to go in a meeting with his agent, but before he does, he issues a challenge to Laredo Kid next week in an Interpromotional Title Fight!

We see Alicia Atout kicking off the Filthy Island Control Center and we see the invitees: Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku. Things don’t totally appear “up to par” as Tom promises a beautiful time at “Filthy Island.” Ku happens to get an email that Lawlor dismisses it as spam.

Whether all is copasetic or not, we will have a very intense grudge match between King Mo & Low Ki.

Hammerstone has found his way to CONTRA’s den. He’s ready to go after Mads Krügger as he knows it’s just another hurdle to get to Jacob Fatu.

Gringo Loco vs. Gino Medina

Loco rolls over Medina but the two happen to find one another in an athletic stand-off. Gino tells Loco he can’t touch him. Gringo extends the hand despite this, but Gino kicks it away and gives Gringo a snapmare.

Gringo gives Gino an arm drag off the ropes and Medina makes his way to the outside to trip Gringo up on the apron. He sends Gringo back in the ring for a stomp and a cover: two count.

Spinal tap kick to Loco by Gino. Big chinlock by Gino who grounds Gringo down with a handstand. Gringo gets to his feet and elbows free. He trips Gino up and sets him perfectly with a twisting headbutt! Two count!

The two trade 540 enziguri kicks and it’s Gringo who gets the near fall out of it. He drags Gino over and attempts a moonsault, but lands face first onto Gino’s boot. A big knee in the corner downs Gringo, but he rolls up Gino for the pin attempt. Gino turns the momentum in his favor and he gets the pinfall win.

WINNER: Gino Medina

Gino talks some trash about Loco backstage after his win, but Gringo comes leaping out of nowhere to attack Medina!

It is official: next week Injustice will be taking on two members of CONTRA Unit!

Baklei Brawl
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Mads Krügger

The camera man following Hammerstone around is very suspicious of the environment CONTRA has led him and the official to. Krügger is nowhere insight as Hammer tries to call him out. Krügger does emerge and Hammer catches him with a front kick to the mid-section and the brawl begins! Krügger slams Hammer’s head hard against a heavy gate and smashes his hand as well.

Krügger flings a palette at Hammer, but thankfully he avoids and cracks Krügger with a pump kick.

The two continue to fight it out as Hammer sends him face first into a dumpster, not once but twice!

Hammer covers and gets the pinfall, but the camera man notices that the glove is on the wrong hand. That isn’t Mads Krügger. Suddenly the real Black Hand comes out of the shadows to take a cheap shot at the Openweight Champ. Krügger holds Hammer’s face in his hands as he tells him that CONTRA has big plans for him. “Hail CONTRA” is hollered as the feed cuts out!

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