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Rampaging rookie back in the gym today

After putting the reigning World Heavyweight Champion on the ropes and nearly wrestling the title away from Jacob Fatu, Calvin Tankman isn’t coming up with excuses or taking a break on Easter Sunday. No, he’s back in the gym training in his home away from home in the Old Southside area of Indianapolis.

After celebrating Easter with his young daughter and family, Tankman grabbed his gym bag and headed out for the first of a double session scheduled for today.

Hitting the heavy bags early on, Tankman unleashes a furious assault of haymakers unleashing his frustration with the dirty tactics employed by CONTRA in Wednesday’s title fight. Tankman proves his “Heavyweight Hustle” nickname to be on point, never slowing down the pace of his training at the Team Tankman Fight Team gym. Alternating between 400 and 900 lb. tires, the 355 pounder closes out his mid-morning session focussing on building up explosive power as he flips tires with awesome fury.

But where does Tankman stand now in MLW? “Calvin Tankman has established himself as a top threat to the title,” said Court Bauer. “This guy has decimated the competition and people forget he’s just a rookie. How often does a wrestler have a 5 month undefeated streak in this sport? Not often. At Never Say Never, Tankman proved he belonged in the main event picture.”

While suspicion surrounds whether or not the food poisoning Calvin Tankman suffered was a result of CONTRA Unit or not, Tankman brushes that noise aside and remains focussed.

“How many rookies have a shot at the champ? Next time I got him… by any means.”

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