Is Salina de la Renta scared?

Darkness and questions surround Azteca Underground’s Salina

Fans and the media alike have taken to social media speculating about Salina de la Renta’s worried look ringside during matches. MLW’s broadcast team has picked up on Salina’s troubled face during bouts, only furthering concern, given the Empressaria’s fearless nature.

What… or who could be intimidating the Puerto Rican

Some believe the Azteca Underground manager is concerned about failing the mysterious “El Jefe” of the shadowy lucha organization.

Some theorize El Jefe’s suited Azteca Underground representative as his eyes on the ground, reporting back any and all business affairs Salina is involved at when at the matches managing Azteca Underground luchadores. Others believe he is a “symbol of accountability”.

Whatever the case may be, Salina de la Renta is clearly under the thumb of a very powerful and dangerous person. The question is who is El Jefe? That question remains a mystery… for now.

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