Salina makes power moves in league meeting

Weekend zoom call with league officials puts Salina in spotlight has learned that Azteca Underground manager Salina de la Renta had a zoom call over the weekend with league officials. The meeting featured a presentation and proposal that “grabbed officials with great interest.”

While specifics pertaining to the meeting are under tight wraps, a league official confirmed the Azteca Manager presented an opportunity for a match for this week’s FUSION. A match that league officials feel compelled to fast-track.

A source close to the situation has indicated Salina is focussed on making big moves. Whether this is at the bequest of El Jefe or in an effort to impress her new mysterious boss remains to be seen.

With league matchmakers and Azteca Underground’s manager continuing negotiations, could another match featuring Azteca Underground luchadores be added to this week’s FUSION? Only time will tell.

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