Fusion Recap: ‘Teacher vs. Student’ As TJP Battles Bu Ku Dao


This week on MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) it’s TJP versus Bu Ku Dao – one on one, however, that “mentor versus protégé” turns to the protégé looking to prove himself against a bully! This week’s episode happens to kick off with Gino Medina seeking to get a checkmark back in the win column against an established international star in Rocky Romero.

Gino Medina vs. Rocky Romero

The 17-year veteran of MLW is back in action at MLW, but Medina is pacing with eagerness to get his hands on him. It shows as he starts with a standing switch. Romero counters free and Gino briefly seeks the ropes.

The two continue to exchange holds with one another and it’s Gino who shoulder tackles him down. Medina keeps a nonchalant demeanor in his rhythm and Rocky rolls him in an arm submission. Rocky turns that left arm into a major focus and even goes up top to drive the knee into it!

Romero remains in the mindset of keeping Gino grounded, but the two do trade shots mid-ring. And that gets harsh.

A 540 kick is a patented move we see from Medina and he sure pulls that out of his toolbox against the cagey vet. Gino downs Rocky hard with some shots and corners him for some attacks and then a spinal tap for two. Gino now is the man in control.

The two competitors go toe to toe with shots, but it’s Gino yet again maintaining a hold control until the two once more duke it out again! That’s until Romero pokes Gino in the eye and sends him to the outside. Romero however, sends him back to the canvas and delivers some kicks to the chest. That’s followed up by dropkick to the skull! 1-2-no!

Rocky looks to go for a potential sliced bread but a big European uppercuts staggers him. Romero fights back with three clotheslines, but a sidekick from Medina downs him for two! Gino quickly continues his offense with a short-arm clothesline for another near fall!

Medina goes for a tilt-a-whirl, but a kick from Romero frees him from any type of offense. Rocky once more goes for another tornado DDT. Gino fights him off, but Rocky remains focused and hits it, following it up with a major armbar and it causes Gino to submit!

WINNER: Rocky Romero

That’s two straight losses for Medina now! How is El Intocable going to rebound?

Richard Holliday is feeling quite marketable and Alicia Atout is the first to lay eyes on the “Muscle Mountain” poster. Atout makes some astute observations at a potential problem with the poster, but Holliday isn’t having any negativity.

We see Los Parks. LA Park makes it clear to “El Jefe” and Azteca Underground that they all don’t agree with what Salina did last week by going into business for herself. She has walked to a high level being associated with Los Parks, but now those bad decisions are mounting. She called LA Park a dumbass after he was hit in the head by Hammerstone and he is no such thing and the only reason she is relevant in Mexico and the U.S. is because of him. With “El Jefe” building a new temple, the violence will be fresh and LA Park warns that if Salina fails “El Jefe” once more, she will regret it.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Top Ten Rankings

(10) ACH (9) Calvin Tankman (8) Myron Reed (7) Mil Muertes (6) Low Ki (5) Richard Holliday (4) Mads Krugger (3) Lio Rush (2) Tom Lawlor (1) Alexander Hammerstone

Alicia Atout is once more standing by with Lio Rush. She mentions Myron Reed’s intentions for a rematch for the Middleweight Title. Lio doesn’t blame him for wanting a redemption story, but hey, that’s not happen. Lio asks Alicia (who has a watch) what time is it? She says it’s around 6:00 PM. Lio disagrees and makes it clear that it’s “Rush Hour.” Alicia, ever the journalist makes it clear that it actually is 6 o’clock.

Robert Martyr vs. King Mo

Mo quickly downs Robert and he looks to pound away at the youngster. Martyr goes for a triangle hold, but Mo powerbombs him down hard!

Mo maintains that strength by tossing Martyr and Mo cinches in a headhold that causes the official to stop the bout!


Post-match, Dan Lambert is upset with the referee’s decision during his bout with Low Ki. King Mo has never tapped. In American Top Team, they don’t do that and Mo makes it clear that he’ll break Low Ki in half next time they tie up.

Footage from earlier today sees Salina standing with the Azteca Underground associate. She gets a phone call. She seems solemn in her conversation and says “next week, she’ll be there.” The Underground associate shoves the camera man away.

Tom Lawlor reminds us all that he’s the one who brought the Von Erichs into MLW. He’s sick of trying to explain himself. He’s not a coward. He tells Marshall Von Erich to man up and face him one on one or is he going to be hiding behind a “bum knee.” If they face off, he’s gonna expose MVE as “just a boy.”

In a rare appearance, MLW CEO Court Bauer is with Alicia Atout for an exclusive chat. She mentions how excited they are with their new home in VICE TV. Court echoes that sentiment as they’re set to appear on May 1 with more irons in the fire to boot!

Alicia asks about where do things stand with upcoming event. Court reveals that the rematch is official: May 5, Myron Reed will take on Lio Rush for his Middleweight Title. Court mentioned “closing out their season” and Alicia asks him about that. MLW sure has been running on all cylinders these past few months so a bit of rest is key for the roster, but once they come back, the league will have live crowds in attendance and it all starts off where MLW started: Philadelphia. That’s happening July 10 with a reloaded roster and tickets are now available on MLW.com. He’s excited to bring fans back!

CONTRA suddenly cuts the feed and Josef Samael says Bauer is full of delusion. He says it’s almost been a year since he’s bled in that office of his. Samael can walk back into that whenever he wishes. Court is losing grip, just like Hammerstone is by the terror of Mads Krugger. He tells Court to celebrate his new deals because he is. Now millions of souls will bear witness the massacre that awaits when CONTRA raises that black flag high over Philadelphia…HAIL CONTRA!

Marshall Von Erich follows up with Tom’s previous comments. He didn’t forget anything Lawlor did, specifically when Tom took that opportunity against Jacob Fatu from him. Now he’s going to Claw that fat head of Lawlor’s. He says he’ll see Lawlor next week.

Myron Reed gives a major shoutout to Calvin Tankman for allowing him into his gym in Indianapolis. Reed is grinding in the gym scouting and studying Rush. He’s gonna shut Lio up. He said it and now he’s going to manifest it. What doesn’t need manifested now is tonight’s main event match.

Bu Ku Dao vs. TJP

Bell sounds and the two former friends size one another up. Dao goes for some left handed strikes, but TJP evades. HE trips up Dao. The two men ground one another. Dao rolls a headlock through for a snapmare, but the speed of both fighters allows for some movement. TJP escapes and puts Dao in a surfboard stretch. Dao does an athletic arm drag, but that’s until TJP trips him up on the apron!

TJP throws him back into the ring and a strike downs Dao. Cover, but only a one count. TJP springboard sentons Dao for a near fall.

Perkins hoists Dao up for a powerbomb, but Bu Ku rolls through only to get lariat-ed by his former mentor.

TJP twists his foot on the face of Dao and then isolates that right arm. He continues to punish the back of Dao.

TJP stomps away at Dao in the corner and then nails a backbreaker for a two count. TJP then locks Dao in a standing anchor hold. TJP turns it into several pin attempts. Big kick by TJP and then he nails a European uppercut.

Dao, however, ascends up to and hits a crossbody for a two count! TJP is caught off guard. It doesn’t phase him too much as he nails a powerbomb for such a close fall!

TJP controts Dao with and impressive stretch before dropping him down for a two count! Dao continues to fight, but TJP maintains management of the canvas.

A kick does free Dao and he topes on top of TJP! This could be the window for Dao as he sends TJP back in the ring for a series off attacks that is punctuated by a running bulldog. Dao, however, is unable to capitalize with a pin!

The two men get to their feet and Dao continues a flurry of strikes and attacks. TJP catches Dao mid-air with a dropkick. TJP then drops him in a modified facebuster! 1-2-no!

TJP climbs up top and Dao makes him pay by throwing him down to the canvas. Dao ascends but is superplexed off and then gets locked in an octopus stretch. Dao is in a bad spot, but somehow he makes it to the ropes. Big right hand and strikes by TJP, but Dao fires back. TJP goes for an airplane spin. That knocks the official down hard before Dao crucifix pins him for a more than three count! The pin can’t be administered, but that still doesn’t stop Dao who flies across with ring with a spinning flatliner for the 1-2-3!


The student has beaten the teacher, and we’re cut to Hammerstone’s press conference. He says he’s tired of people fighting over who’s the best. “Jacob Fatu, the ball is in your court. The challenge is out there.” Hammerstone ends it just like that!

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