Cesar Duran drops bombshell at Battle Riot


Hail Cesar?

Azteca Underground’s emerging power in Major League Wrestling has been one of if not the biggest stories of 2021. From introducing the likes of King Muertes to acquiring IWA Puerto Rico as well as violent consequences for those who failed him, Cesar Duran has been a force to reckon with.

Then “El Jefe” strolled to the ring in Philadelphia for a bombshell no one was expecting.

Touting his reputation for super luchas and promoting some of the greatest lucha seen this century, Duran crowed about being a true visionary and talked of the current state of the industry with competition in wrestling never hotter… and more ruthless.

Duran explained that with heightened competition from other promotions, MLW called him and they worked out a “very interesting arrangement.” Cesar would go on to explain that MLW has made him a matchmaker within the league.

Why? “Because I always give you what you want! Even if I had to sometimes do some questionable things to ensure the fans got the best! MLW wanted the best and now they have it!”

MLW.com can confirm Duran will work alongside the Office of Wrestling Operations as well as with the league’s championship committee, which he interestingly also is a member of.

With Cesar Duran now holding immense power, more than anyone (excluding Court Bauer) has ever had in the league since its inception, what will Duran do with it?

With Duran also owning Azteca Underground and its various holdings, will this create a conflict of interest?

Also, what IS the interesting arrangement that MLW made with Duran to close the deal?

One thing is for sure: business is about to pick up with Cesar Duran’s newfound power to create matches.

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