When will Hammerstone challenge Fatu?


Having won the Battle Riot, Alex Hammerstone has officially secured a title shot any time, anywhere against CONTRA Kingpin Jacob Fatu.

But when and where will the dream title vs. title fight take place?

Sources close to the Phoenix powerhouse’s camp have indicated an announcement is imminent, so MLW.com went to the man himself. When reached for comment, Hammer simply texted MLW.com: “Your Boy Hammer has a plan⚡️,” stated the National Openweight Champion and Battle Riot III winner.

Is Hammerstone playing games with CONTRA? Hammerstone has been calling himself the “CONTRA Hunter” since last fall when he led the charge to take back MLW from its occupation under CONTRA that lasted for half a year.

Now the world waits with anticipation for the impending collision between Fatu and Hammerstone… and only Hammerstone knows when and where it will go down. For now.

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