Fusion ALPHA Recap: Davey Richards Makes Singles Debut Against TJP


New MLW matchmaker Cesar Duran starts off welcoming us to the “Era of Violence” and he kicks off ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) by having a Bunkhouse Brawl between the blood rivals of Team Filthy vs. The Von Erichs.

Team Filthy comes out and Tom Lawlor says he’s been waiting for over a year and a half to get back in front of a real crowd, but looking at Philadelphia it appears he’s still waiting. They don’t deserve to see the 2020 Opera Cup Champion, nor do they deserve to see Kit Osbourne or Kevin Ku. He runs down the struggles of the 76ers before that familiar Von Erich tune fires up.

Bunkhouse Brawl
Team Filthy (Kit Osbourne & Kevin Ku) vs. The Von Erichs

Marshall and Ross waste no time at bringing it to Ku and Kit. The fight starts off on the outside as Marshall and Ross take the boots to Team Filthy, but Kit goes mobile via a wheelbarrow into the ring post!

Marshall directs Ross to bring Ku into the ring and they gang up on Kevin in the corner before Marshall hits a standing moonsault for a two count.

The brothers show immense tag team chemistry when they pop Kit up for a double team cutter! 1-2-Ku makes the save with a diving shoulder tackle. Ku focuses on the knee of Marshall, who has had a history of trouble with it in the past. MVE powers through it, but Ku catches him with a pipe on the outside as Kit back suplexes Ross on the apron.

Marshall soon scouts Kit climbing out of the ring to bodyslam him crisp on the floor. Ku utilizing his strong kicking ability to ground Ross against the barricade. It comes down to Marshall against Team Filthy in the ring and that includes some meddling from Filthy Tom. Marshall locks in a Claw on Ku, but Kit takes out the knee of Marshall before further torquing it with a sharp dragonscrew!

Ku exemplifies “filthy” when he takes the sharp end of a shovel to the neck of Ross! Ross further feels pain by Kit DDTing him on the floor. This leaves Marshall majorly isolated in the ring as they take the shove to the knee of the younger Von Erich. Kit wraps the leg around the rope before Ku dropkicks him to the outside for further attack. Team Filthy shows complete control, but they forget that they’re messing with the Von Erichs. Ross is back in the ring as he and Ku slug it out. Ross gets the better of the situation with a solid enziguri. RVE gets innovative with a spinning falcon arrow, but luckily for Ku, Kit makes the save.

Ross stands up two chairs back to back but it doesn’t provide to be beneficial as Ku fisherman suplexes Ross right onto the tops of them! 1-2-kickout by Ross!

Tom comes in with a 2×4 but inadvertantly hits Ku! Ross takes the 2×4 to Kit’s back and gets a near fall! The brothers stick to the gameplan and get two more chairs together to put a spare ring board on top. Marshall places Kit on top while Ku is laid out underneath. Marshall ascends and nails a picture perfect moonsault from up top! The board breaks as Philly erupts for the well earned 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Ross & Marshall Von Erich

We see TJP. He says him and Davey go back almost 20 years. He said Davey Richards used to be a globetrotter, but TJP is a globetrotter. He says Davey has been spending his nose in books than in wrestling holds and Richards could learn a degree by watching TJP in the ring. His prediction for tonight’s match? He looks forward to Davey tapping out.

The women’s featherweight division is officially announced and it includes: The Sea Stars, Brittany Blake, Holidead, Zoey Skye, Willow Nightingale and Nicole Savoy. The league is ready to crown the new World Featherweight Champion.

We see Duran once more admiring a self-portrait. Enter Matt Cross who says Duran has himself a new name, but with the same old game. Last time he fought for Cesar, he beat a former MLW Champion. He deserves a shot at the Heavyweight gold. Duran ponders that notion as Cross is escorted away by his portrait holder.

Broadcast journalist Alicia Atout is backstage informing us that the Bunkhouse Brawl has spilled into the arena. She’ll keep us posted.

Get ready for Konnan’s 5150 as we see Julius Smokes, Slice Boogie and Rivera who made their debut at Battle Riot III. They make it known they’re on the hunt for tag team gold.

The Suplex Assassin Alex Kane debuts next week!

Match number two is up and it’s the debut of KC Navarro against Gino Medina.

KC Navarro vs. Gino Medina

The bout starts off quick. The two competitors come to an athletic stalemate and KC offers a handshake but Medina wants none of that. Navarro nails a big arm drag. This opens him up for a flurry of offense that sends Medina to the outside. He calls for time on the outside, but Navarro doesn’t let him have it with a suicide dive!

“KC” chants echo the 2300 in Philly, but the tide turns when Medina nails a big enziguri!

Medina locks in a modified neck wrench and keeps the quick KC grounded. Navarro elbows free and Medina gets sunset flipped for a two count.

KC and Medina slug it out and it’s Navarro with the momentum on his side as he nails a satellite DDT! Two count!

Medina, ever the expert with leg work, knees and kicks KC before hits a spin-out burning hammer for the emphatic 1-2-3!

WINNER: Gino Medina

We’re just weeks away from “Title vs. Title” between Alex Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu at FIGHTLAND and as the advertisement is being shown, Josef Samael cuts the feed. Does Hammerstone think he can beat the World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu? Typical pure American arrogance in it’s purest form. He won’t be going home with two titles, he’ll be going home in body bag.

We hear from Davey Richards. This new chapter in his career and he wants to test himself against the best. Everyone knows he and TJP have a past. It’s a honor for him to wrestle him, but it’s his goal to beat him. There’s spirit, passion and intensity there and wrestling is in him. His prediction? He taps out TJP. “Let the hunt begin.”

Cesar Duran is in his office, but is interrupted by Tom Lawlor. He’s dealt with the biggest scumbags on this planet. There’s no way he’s stepping into his world and changing who’s getting a World Heavyweight Title shot. Duran gets off the phone and embraces Lawlor. He’s looked forward to meeting him.

Lawlor notes he’s the only Grand Slam winner in Major League Wrestling history. Hammerstone won the Battle Riot, but he won the 2020 Opera Cup. Duran says that must be remedied. Next week in the main event, it will be “Filthy” Tom versus Alexander Hammerstone with the National Openweight Title on the line. That wasn’t exactly what Tom was seeking, but Duran sends him out the door, before a mysterious figure stands in front of Cesar. Duran notes that this individual is late. Main event time.

TJP vs. “The American Wolf” Davey Richards

The Philadelphia crowd erupts for Davey’s return to the ring as he’s touched by the reception.

Big “Davey” chants echo the 2300 as TJP and Richards circle one another. Davey nails a big time spinebuster on TJP but the two men come to a stalemate. They reset but the crowd doesn’t with chants for Davey.

The two rivals tie it up and TJP headscissors Davey down for a head hold. Davey folds him for a pin, but TJP keeps him grounded with another head scissors. He flips off the crowd as TJP continues his display of mat work.

The Philadelphia crowd comes up with a creative chant of the feline nature for TJP as Davey powers himself back up. Davey tries to hit TJP with a dropkick, but TJP catches himself in the ropes and causes Davey to miss . He then causes Davey to topple to the floor.

He gets Davey back in the ring and tries to boot wash him, but Davey fires back up. TJP still controls the pace with a kitchen sink. This sends Davey to the outside once more.

Back in the ring, TJP hits a springboard senton before digging his heel of his boot into the “American Wolf’s” eye. Surfboard stretch applied. Davey attempts to power out, but TJP maintains the pressure and puts his boot on the back of Richards.

Richards and TJP continue to go at it as TJP gets his signature octopus hold in on him. Side suplex to Davey which gets a chorus of boos. TJP gets preoccupied with the crowd while up top and Richards meets him up there. He and TJP duke it out, but Davey gets the better of the situation with multiple headbutts. Davey nails a superplex from up top! Both men are down.

They eventually get to their feet and Davey almost gets the very near fall with a rock solid German suplex with bridge.

Davey removes some wrist tape and goes for a suplex, but has to call an audible which leads to an ankle lock attempt. TJP rolls free only to get punt kicked: 1-2-no!

Davey goes for a double stomp, but TJP rolls out of the way. This sets Davey up for the boot wash in the corner. Davey and TJP then trade armbreaker attempts before trading pin and submission attempts. TJP has a heel hook cinched in. Davey goes for the ropes, but TJP turns it into a modified STF. Despite that, Davey makes it to the ropes for the break.

Both men soon battle it out on the apron. Richards hits some big time kicks, but so does TJP. Richards catches TJP for an exploder suplex on the apron which sets TJP up for a top rope double stomp! 1-2-no! Davey nails a brainbuster: 1-2-no!

Richards rolls through to lock in the ankle lock and TJP has no choice but to submit!

WINNER: Davey Richards

What a singles debut for “The American Wolf” and MLW is back!

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