Hammer & Holliday attacked!


Tonight Alicia Atout was set for an exclusive interview with Alex Hammerstone at the curtain backstage when the unthinkable happened.

Just as Hammer walked through the curtains to the back, Richard Holliday flew in just barely saving Atout from CONTRA’s attack only for the Dynastic Bros to be brutally beaten. The uplink feed abruptly cut out, leaving fans in the dark on the status of Hammerstone and Holliday.

Details on Hammerstone and Holliday’s condition remain unclear. Dr. Sweglar is reportedly examining Holliday, who was seen bleeding from the back of his skull.

There are conflicting reports on Hammerstone’s status following the attack. Until MLW.com can confirm his condition, we will refrain from reporting potentially erroneous information on the man who who is scheduled to challenge Jacob Fatu next week at FIGHTLAND in a much anticipated title vs. title match.

Overcome by sheer numbers and several weapons, the shocking conclusion of tonight’s Fusion ALPHA reminds the world that the global dealers in violence known as CONTRA Unit are at their most dangerous when lurking in the shadows.

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