Fusion ALPHA Recap: Tom Lawlor Challenges Alex Hammerstone For National Openweight Title


The action is immediately about to kick off on this week’s episode of Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com), but the feed is cut by CONTRA. It’s Mads Krugger, who is still steaming from being eliminated by Alex Hammerstone in the Battle Riot, and he makes it evident that his mission is incomplete. He wants to make sure Hammerstone won’t see that World Title shot at Fightland and he puts the target on Hammer’s back tonight.

Arez vs. Aramis

The bell rings and Aramis goes for a handshake but Arez wants none of it. The grapple game begins and it’s rife with counters. The grapple game turns to pin attempts which then turns into submission attempts. It ends up Aramis the first to get a two count, but then re-adjusts for a scissors lock. The counters continue.

These two know one another very well. The fight (and kicks) go to the apron, but Arez ultimately gets the better of it with an outside moonsault!

Both men answer the customary league 20 count and major kicks are exchanged between the two fighters! However, Arez gets the better once again with a violent buckle bomb! Arez gets back in the ring for a cover attempt: 1-2-no.

A big bicycle kick levels Arez and sets Aramis up for an intense tope suicida! Aramis has Arez laid out back in the ring, but Arez rolls out, only for Aramis to walk the rope for a leaping senton!

He tries again for the move and hits a modified phoenix splash for a very near fall! Arez gets back on the offensive with a flurry of kicks leading to a Michinoku Driver for another close pin attempt!

The odds continue to be even, but Arez utilizes some speed and strength to almost put Aramis down for good! The wild Philly crowd is chanting MLW as Arez ascends, but Aramis scouts it and delivers his spinning torture rack powerbomb for the well-earned victory!

WINNER: Aramis

Post-match, Aramis shows a sign of respect one more time to Arez and this time, “The Master of Strange Style” accepts.

We get a special look at the most dominant World Champion in league history, Jacob Fatu. The Samoan Werewolf makes clear he’s gonna add Hammerstone to his always growing body count.

Cesar Duran is on the phone with MLW CEO Court Bauer when he is interrupted once more by Matt Cross. Cross states he still deserves a title shot for once defeating a former World Champion. Duran may be miffed at Matt’s interruption, but likes his ambition. Next week he’ll get his Title shot against Jacob Fatu next week.

Also next week, we’ll have the beginning of the Women’s Featherweight Division as Willow Nightingale takes on Ashley Vox!

Budd Heavy vs. Alex Kane (w/ King Mo)

The fans show their appreciation for Budd, but he’s got an intimidating order ahead of him with Alex Kane as The Suplex Assassin makes his MLW debut.

Kane immediately splashes Budd and lariats him down for a good deal of boots. Kane puts Budd back up to a vertical base and chops him hard before sending him hard into the turnbuckle. Kane delivers a tossing suplex and covers. He clearly has the three count, but Kane pulls up to administer more pain.

Harsh elbows in the corner. Budd crumbles in the corner. He gets kicked in the spine not once, but twice. Budd tries to fight back, but Kane nails him with an exploder suplex as Mo keeps the count.

Kane gets Budd with several harsh elbows before signaling for the end and gives Budd a rip chord olympic suplex. He puts a boot on Budd’s chest: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Kane (Suplex count: three)

Post-match, Kane goes to leave, but Budd recovers enough to to flip Kane the double birds. That insenses Kane and he nails Heavy hard with a boot before taking him out with a variety of suplexes.

Alicia Atout is standing by with “The Judge” EJ Nduka. She mentions how so many were impressed with his display of power in the Battle Riot and EJ mentions how good it felt to show that to the Philadelphia crowd. He makes it clear he plans to show up and show out.

We cut to 5150. Rivera states that the true injustice has happened to them and Slice Boogie lets it be known that they’re not boys to be messed with.

Another huge championship match has been added to Fightland on October 7: Myron Reed will defend his World Middleweight gold against Tajiri. However, Cesar Duran was so impressed with the battle between Arez and Aramis that he adds them to the bout, making it a fatal four-way! It will all air at 10 PM, October 7 on VICE TV!

During the commercial break, Cesar Duran delivered the news that Alex Kane is the first alternate in the 2021 Opera Cup. Right now, it’s main event time.

National Openweight Championship

Tom Lawlor vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

No one has beaten “Filthy” Tom in over a year, can Hammerstone get it done? The champ sure believes so as he raises the belt in pride before the match begins. “Filthy” Tom takes off his entrance “dukes” as Hammer is perplexed at Lawlor’s dress code. The bell rings and Lawlor utlizes his UFC background with a single leg takedown. He mocks the Philly crowd for backing Hammerstone. Hammerstone gets the better of Tom by wrenching the arm and Tom grabs the ropes. Lawlor utilizes this tactic once more after a lock-up. Big shoulder tackle by Hammer and Tom looks a little caught off-guard. Tom cinches in a side headlock, but another shoulder tackle sends Tom to the outside and to rethink the gameplan.

Lawlor indeed resorts to filthiness as he hangs Hammer’s arm over the rope. Hammer makes him pay by sending the fight once again to the outside.

Hammer drops Tom hard on the apron as the feed is briefly thwarted by what is likely CONTRA.

Back in the ring, Lawlor rakes Hammer’s eyes and sets him up for a bulldog. “Daisy Dukes” chants from Philly mock Lawlor.

Hammer tries to gather his bearings after some hard kicks from Tom. A very crisp chop from Tom in the corner sets Hammer up for some dirty boot chokes. In a tremendous display of strength, Hammer literally powers Tom up by his throat to send him crashing to the outside! Tom bangs Hammer’s arm off the steel ring post and sets the champ up mid-ring. The two slug it out. Tom gets the better of this situation and arm drags him down and really focuses on that arm of Hammer.

Hammer gets some strikes in on Tom and seeks a fallaway slam, but Lawlor doesn’t let go of the arm and gets a headlock in before grounding Hammer for a crossface. Hammer rolls through to hit Tom hard with a swinging uranage.

Both back on their feet, Hammer is picking up steam as he breaks through Tom’s clotheslines to deliver a massive one of his own. He hits a belly-to-belly overhead and covers: 1-2-no!

Hammer goes for a Nightmare Pendulum, but that left shoulder is bothering him bad. Lawlor downs Hammer as it appears Tom is calling for the “Team Filthy” troops. There’s no answer and Lawlor tries to beg off. No dice as Hammer boots him down and nails a big time powerbomb. Two count. Hammer nails the Nightmare Pendulum and that is all she wrote! Hammer retains!

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Next week it’s revealed that we’re going to get 5150 taking on Injustice! Alicia Atout is backstage ready to get Hammerstone’s immediate reaction to the victory when in comes Richard Holliday to push her to safety as both Dynasty members are attacked by CONTRA! The feed cuts out!

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