Fusion ALPHA Recap: Matt Cross Challenges Jacob Fatu For World Title


A man of his word, Alex Hammerstone shows back up at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia for Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) and he has CONTRA blood on the brain, but another fight team that has bloodshed at the top of their priority list is 5150.

5150 (Rivera & Slice Boogie) vs. Injustice

The two teams waste no time and battle it out. Injustice get the better initially but the power of Slice Boogie turns the tide. Rivera and Boogie soon manage to isolate Jordan Oliver and this happens for a good amount of time, but once Myron Reed manages to get tagged, he delivers some “Hot Fiya.” He goes on on quite the enziguri run.

Saint Laurent mentions how much of a factor Julius Smokes can be and he sure enough does in this bout. As Oliver gets forced in the ropes, Smokes smacks Jordan with a slapjack! That’s good enough to keep him out for the 1-2-3.


Post-match, 5150 attack Myron, only a mere 24 hours before he defends the World Middleweight gold at Fightland!

Alicia Atout is with the Sea Stars. Ashley Vox and Delmi Expo have been a tag team since the sisters have been wrestling in the living room. Enter Willow Nightingale who is all sorts of happy to see the Sea Stars. Matters get a little more intense when Brittany Blake enters the picture.

CONTRA takes over the feed as Daivari tries to send a message before tomorrow’s FIGHTLAND, but Hammer comes in for the attack! This prompts Mads Krugger as he and Hammer battle it out!

Ashley Vox vs. Willow Nightingale

It’s the first bout of the Women’s Featherweight Division and Ashley Vox shows her strong striking ability and technical prowess against Willow.

Willow however exudes her strength and power against Vox and displays that with a fisherman’s suplex!

Willow wears Ashley down with a scissors submission and ranas Willow to the outside! This sets Willow up for suicide dive!

Nightingale uses her body to wear Vox down by hitting a rolling cannonball. She goes for a top rope moonsault, but Vox moves to lariat her down. She covers: 1-2-no! Nightingale nails a crisp roundhouse kick which sets Vox up for the Willow Bomb: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Willow Nightingale

We cut to the back as Hammerstone and Krugger are still brawling!

Davey Richards is standing with Alicia Atout. Even though he beat TJP two weeks ago, he’s got a feeling it’s just getting started. He’s not wrong as TJP sucker punches him and another brawl breaks out!

5150 are celebrating in the parking lot by Dr. Julius Smokes is handing out “prescriptions” in the parking lot.

Josef Samael says going to war with Jacob Fatu is a suicide mission. What happens to MLW when Hammerstone fails?

Speak of the devil, Krugger and Hammer are still battling it out until Atlas security and MLW officials manage to pull the two big men apart!

Now, it’s main event time.

World Heavyweight Championship
Matt Cross vs. Jacob Fatu (c)

The match begins and it looks like Cross may have gotten more than he bargained for as Fatu displays his strength against Matt. Cross however uses his quickness to throw Fatu off. He capitalizes on that with a suicide dive! The two men duke it out on the outside, but Cross finds further offense by utilizing the ring post.

The fight goes back inside the ring and Fatu rattles Matt with a spinning uranage!

Cross does fight back and even gets a near fall on the champion with a standing moonsault.

All it takes is a split second however, and Fatu makes Matt pay with a leaping dive to the outside. Philadelphia goes nuts! Matt tries to take control back with a top rope 450, but Fatu nails him with a clothesline! He ascends up top to nail his signature moonsault and we have a winner after the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

Post-match, Samael calls for the Sentai Death Squad. As customary, they “body bag” Cross. As they look to dispose of the body back in the parking lot, Hammer comes in for the save before the camera cuts! Title For Title is officially on at FIGHTLAND! Tune in at 10 PM Thursday on VICE TV!

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