Fightland On VICE TV Recap: Hammerstone Faces Fatu in ‘Title For Title’

The evening of October 7 finally arrived and that means the most anticipated title fight of the year was set to go down in Philadelphia. It’s Alex Hammerstone vs. Jacob Fatu as both men put their respective belts on the line!

Jacob Fatu is undoubtedly the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in League history by holding the belt for over two years with over 10 successful title defenses. Meanwhile, Alex Hammerstone has molded the National Openweight belt into his own. Being the sole champion of the belt, Hammer defended it nearly for two years against competition from across the globe under several promotions. Now come Friday evening, these two dominant champions met face-to-face and you best believe Hammer and Fatu put on a wrestling fight for the ages.

The World Title and National Openweight Title weren’t the only belts defended at Fightland however. The Young GOAT, Myron Reed had the deck stacked against him in a fatal-four way against Arez, Aramis & the legendary Tajiri.

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Arez vs. Aramis vs. Tajiri vs. Myron Reed (c)

The match starts with all men paying their respects to Tajiri, but Arez breaks that trust and the match is underway. There’s a great athletic duel between Arez and Aramis. Reed takes control with a guillotine leg drop. Tajiri gives some lethal kicks to his opponents. “Tajiri” chants. Aramis and Tajiri go back and forth. Tajiri gets dropkicked out. A series of suicide dives take us to our first commercial break.

Back from it, Reed hits a flying ace crusher to the outside. No Cap Splash to Aramis, but a buzzsaw kicks saves the match. Brainbuster to Reed. He covers, but Arez makes the save.

Aramis gets a near fall on Arez, but Tajiri saves it once again. Tajiri locks in the tarantula on Aramis as Arez kicks Aramis in the chest.

Arez holds Myron Reed upside down on the second rope as Tajiri kicks away at Myron’s lower chest.  Soon, it’s Aramis and Arez going back and forth. Reed gets caught with a kick on the apron. Arez dives onto Tajiri while Aramis dives onto Reed. Aramis hits a running Spanish Fly onto Arez. They continue to fight it out in the ring as Arez hits a modified Michinoku Driver on Aramis. Kick out.  Arez goes for a top rope splash but Reed catches him with a cutter. A Cap’n Crunch slam by Reed downs Arez, but once again Tajiri saves the bout. All of a sudden, as the ref almost gets collided into, Tajiri green mists Reed. He gives him a buzzsaw kick and he covers: 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion: Tajiri

Mads Krugger is still out for Hammerstone’s blood. He says tonight his quest for gold will be thwarted as the black flag of CONTRA will be draped over his broken body. Krugger is then shown backstage choking a league official and asks for the whereabouts of Hammer. He points him in a direction and CONTRA walks off.

Next Wednesday, the 2021 Opera Cup begins with Tom Lawlor taking on Davey Richards in round one.

We get MLW Embedded for our halftime show featuring Emilio Sparks, Andreas Hale, Dave Meltzer and Raj Giri with Alicia Atout. They talk about the major news around the pro wrestling world before Atout reveals to the panel that international athlete Will Ospreay will be a talent featured on the roster this fall!

Backstage we see Mads Krugger and CONTRA open double doors only to be welcomed by some of the MLW roster including EJ Nduka, Zenshi and more. The doors get closed behind them and locked by an Azteca Underground associate as Cesar Duran is shown. He asks the camera if people thought he’d let his main event get ruined?

Ever the advocate for violence Duran is a man of his word. Next up is the main event.

Title For Title: MLW National Openweight Championship & MLW World Heavyweight Champion
No Disqualification
Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Jacob Fatu (c)

Hammerstone begins the match with powerful shoulder thrusts in the corner before stomping a mudhole in Fatu. Fatu fights back and hits a running splash on Hammer. Hammer nails two belly-to-belly suplexes before clotheslining the big man to the outside.

Back in the ring, Fatu chops at Hammer in the corner. Fatu begins to take control of the match and nails Hammer with a spinning uranange. Then, on the outside, Fatu nails a leaping moonsault off the guardrails.

Hammer and Fatu duke it out on the apron and then Fatu nails Hammer with a piledriver on it. We go to break.

Back from it, Fatu shows complete dominance against Hammer as he sends him into a wedged chair in the corner. He then comes leaping off with a coast-to-coast to Hammer. Very fitting for Philadelphia!

Hammer finds his window of offense with an exploder suplex in the corner. He then nails an impressive single leg drop kick for a near fall.

Hammer’s left leg is in rough shape. He hits a bicycle kick and he holds his leg. A big sit-out powerbomb gets a near fall for Hammer.

Back from it, Fatu hits a low blow, a pop-up Samoan Drop and then a Swanton bomb but Hammer rolls out to save him some time. Fatu dives on top of him.

Hammer manages to take a shot to Fatu from the apron before sling shotting himself on top of his opponent. Both men are down. Hammerstone manages to climb the top rope to nail a shotgun dropkick. Both me get to their feet and stare one another down. They trade very hard shots. Fatu headbutts Hammer repeatedly. Hammer fires back. Samael grabs the leg of Hammer and it allows Fatu to clothesline him out. Samael nails Hammer in the chest with a spike. Fatu pulls out the table. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and puts Hammer on it. He drapes a CONTRA flag over it. He hits his moonsault from the top rope and sends Hammer crashing through it.

1-2-kick out! Hammer pops right back up after staring at the CONTRA flag. Big running clothesline to Fatu. Fatu kups up but Hammer catches him with a powerslam. Hammer hits a TKO neckbreaker and covers: 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Hammerstone now holds both titles and unseated Jacob Fatu from his dominant reign! What does that mean for CONTRA? One thing is for certain, it’s a new era in Major League Wrestling!

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