Fusion ALPHA Recap: 2021 Opera Cup Kicks Off With Tom Lawlor vs. Davey Richards


It’s a new era in Major League Wrestling as latest episode of Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) has plenty of fallout from the historic airing of FIGHTLAND on VICE TV. Two new champions were crowned and one of which was Alex Hammerstone after defeating Jacob Fatu after an over two-year reign as World Heavyweight Champ! There is plenty ground to cover as we kick off the opening round of the 2021 Opera Cup, but first, two fighters in the tournament compete in singles action as Calvin Tankman takes on Lee Moriarty in his MLW singles debut!

Lee Moriarty vs. Calvin Tankman

Lee has to feel out the vibe of Tankman’s “Heavyweight Hustle” and tries to with a few running strikes until Tank smacks him hard with a right fist.

Moriarty calls an audible with a kick and an arm drag, but a heavy duty “pounce” plants Lee down hard!

Lee still tries to kick away at Tank, but Calvin shows him his power with an effortless scoop slam. Tankman digs the heel of his boot into Lee’s kidneys. Some trash talk and paint-brushing fires Lee to his feet and TAIGA Style strikes back.

An enziguri wobbles Tank and he follows that up with another high kick before a high knees seats Tankman on the canvas for a swift punt! He covers for a two count.

Moriarty goes for a cross armbreaker, but has to call another audible with a head scissors octopus submission. Tank briefly contemplates tapping but pulls free from Lee utilizing the ropes. Moriarty goes to stomp Tank on the apron, but Tank maneuvers and drops him hard on it with a powerslam. The big man gets a very near fall.

Moriarty has some rapid fire strikes to fight back but a pop-up powerbomb plants Lee for a two count. Lee perseveres and kicks Tankman back down for not one, but two near falls!

Moriarty leaps up to the top rope, but a big back elbow floors him. Tankman signals for the end. Moriarty escapes a Tankman driver briefly but, a springboard opens him up to be caught and planted with the driver for the rock solid 1-2-3.

WINNER: Calvin Tankman

Post-match, Tankman shows Lee a sign of respect before the two men enter the fold of the 2021 Opera Cup.

Post-fight, King Mo and Alex Kane are standing at the entryway with Alicia Atout. Mo says Tank is missing something. How about America Top Team? Mo and Kane open the door for Tank to enter and he says he’ll consider it.

Earlier today, there was some more fear-mongering propaganda from CONTRA after Jacob Fatu was unseated as the World Heavyweight Champion at FIGHTLAND by Alex Hammerstone. Josef Samael says they got their trophy from Hammer: his injured leg. An ankle mangled, a foot shattered. Fightland wasn’t the end. The final battle is in sight. CONTRA will take him to their warzone in the War Chamber: “HAIL CONTRA!”

We see an angry Cesar Duran before our double champion Hammerstone enters the picture. Duran makes clear YBH is a Champion he can build around, but Alex makes clear he entered his office to drop off the National Openweight Title. “Why?” Duran asks. It’s the right thing to do. Winning that championship was the best thing to ever happen to him and he doesn’t want to hold another fighter down from an opportunity. “Opportunity” is one of Cesar’s favorite words and says Hammer was a great champion. The next man to hold that belt has big shoes to fill. He invites Hammer to sit. Hammer politely declines. Cesar asks him about Samael’s challenge in the War Chamber. Hammer is all about that challenge and Cesar is all for that violence. He offers to get him his best team of “lucha” but Hammer is certain he’ll find a team on his own.

Alicia Atout has a revealing expose in store for Major League Wrestling. She has some new information regarding Cesar Duran’s Los Angeles departure. She has exclusive footage of Cesar Duran in his last night in California.

We see this footage as Duran is quickly shown packing up his previous office before he gets in a blinking car. He was clearly on the run from something. He was seen in Rio de Janeiro and in Mexico City. All through the fall, his MLW control has expanded. He’s nearly taken control of every aspect. He was caught being recorded on the phone as labeling himself “the wolf in the hen house” that is MLW.

Atout is not done. In Duran’s old office, we see hidden camera footage of a mysterious woman rummaging through Duran’s desk. Whatever she is looking for she cannot find and visible frustration is shown before she notices the camera and disconnects the feed.

We see the 2020 Opera Cup Champion Tom Lawlor and he calls out his 2021 Opera Cup opponent, Davey Richards. “The Opera Cup is the premiere tournament in professional wrestling and you my friend are looking for the preeminiate wrestler in MLW.” He says after the Wolf has been hunted, the Opera Cup is coming back home with Lawlor, covered in filth. “Two time!”

It’s official: Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday will pair up to face CONTRA in The War Chamber! They’ll have two partners joining their side and they’ll be revealed in the weeks to come!

Brittany Blake vs. Delmi Exo (with Ashley Vox)

The two women lock up before Blake slaps Exo across the face. Delmi shoulder tackles her down as Exo offers Blake to get to her feet. Delmi traps the left arm of Blake, but Blake counters and the two fighters get to their feet. Delmi aims for an exploder suplex before she nails a Northern Lights suplex on Blake. 1-2-no! Blake turns the tide with a backbreaker utilizing the ropes and begins choking Exo as Ashley, Delmi’s sister has to watch on. Philly tries to clap Delmi to her feet, but Blake keeps her grounded.

Brittany keeps momentum on her side with a head scissors and 619 before hitting a guillotine stunner on the ropes. She gets another near fall.

Delmi however ducks a lariat to nail an Ace Crusher for a near fall of her own! Blake nails a enziguri before hitting a tornado DDT from the turnbuckle: 1-2-no!

The Philly crowd is amped as Blake missed a top rope double stomp for a pedigree and it’s good enough for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Delmi Exo

Willow Nightingale was the first women to get a Featherweight win in MLW. She said to pick up a win was felt good and that she’s bringing the power in MLW.

Another major announcement made official: Will Ospreay will be walking down that MLW aisle when Major League Wrestling makes its return to the Melrose Ballroom in New York City!

A camera man tries to catch word with Alex Hammerstone backstage and Hammer almost gets ambushed by Ikuro Kwon but who catches the infidel but EJ Nduka. The Judge slams Kwon down and makes it known that he’s sick of CONTRA running amok and this gives Hammer the idea to have Nduka join forces with him and Holliday in the War Chamber. EJ is all game for that as Hammer plans to discuss it with Cesar Duran.

Speaking of Duran, he saw Atout’s expose. He can neither confirm or deny those charges. He’s a visionary of violence and tonight he will prove it.

Davey Richards says the key to achieving something as prestigious as the Opera Cup is facing your fear. Going up against Filthy Tom is going to be a game of inches and The American Wolf plans to win it.

There is an injury update regarding both Richard Holliday and Hammerstone. After being attacked by CONTRA, Richard Holliday had to get stitches in the back of his head and is currently undergoing CTE scanning in New Haven, CT. As for the league’s World Champ, Hammerstone is confirmed to sustain a hairline fracture in his left ankle. This will put him on the shelf for approximately eight weeks. The focus now turns to the Opera Cup as it’s main event time.

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round
Tom Lawlor (with Kevin Ku) vs. Davey Richards

Tom attempts to play mind games with Davey by acting cool, but Davey fires back with a howl. The two men then begin an immense as catch-as-catch can. Lawlor plays favor to the ring ropes as an ally, but Davey turns the table by twisting a limb of Tom’s on the middle rope until the count of five. The fight soon goes to the outside as both men utilize every count of the the league 20 on the outside.

Back in the ring, Lawlor chokes Davey with both boots in the corner before flexing above him and deliver an single arm bulldog. Cover for two. Lawlor makes Davey’s left arm a target.

Davey gets resourceful and dragon screws Tom’s left leg on the rope. Davey soon rolls that into an inverted figure-four leg lock. Tom struggles, but makes it to the ropes.

Richads goes for a suplex but Tom counters with a front guillotine choke. Davey, however, neutralizes Tom’s left leg and twists it before he fully locks in his ankle lock. Tom is panicked, but has enough wherewithal to roll forward and dump Davey off him.

Tom goes for a sleeper on Davey, but Richards counters with a single back suplex. Richards tries to get feeling back in his left arm as he ascends. He nails a powerful doublestomp from up top and covers for a two count. He quickly turns that into an ankle lock, but the cagey Lawlor goes for the triangle hold. Both men counter one another and Davey gets Tom tight in the ankle lock, specifically on that left leg! Tom fights all he can with two middle fingers extended before he passes out! The official calls for the bell!

WINNER and ADVANCING in the 2021 Opera Cup: Davey Richards

It’s almost heartbreaking to see Tom come to his senses as he realizes his chances at repeating as Champion are no more!

We cut to see Richard Holliday in Cesar Duran’s office. The pleasantries are exchanged as well as coffee recommendations before Duran states he doesn’t like Holliday’s “girlfriend” meddling in his business. Richard makes clear that she’s not his girlfriend and Duran makes clear that Holliday, The IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Champion, will put his title on the line against an unknown opponent. Duran makes clear he should prepare himself. Holliday makes clear he should prep himself for his lawyer/father.

Next week, it will be Holliday defending his belt against King Muertes!

Emilio Sparks, freelance media man has exclusive footage of Injustice calling out 5150. They show no intimidation, but suddenly a car pulls up and both Oliver and Reed are ambushed by Slice Boogie and Rivera! 5150 says they told them who rules the roost before driving off!

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