Fusion ALPHA Recap: Richard Holliday Puts Caribbean Title On The Line Against King Muertes


This week’s episode of MLW Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) wastes no time in attempting to get to the action as Richard Holliday is set to defend his IWA Puerto Rico Carribean Title against the “Man of 1,000 Deaths” King Muertes, but Holliday isn’t entering the 2300 Arena. Cameras catch Mads Krugger and Ikuro Kwon of CONTRA attacking Rich backstage until Alex Hammerstone runs in to his brother’s defense with a chair. A wild start to the show.

If one considers the attack on Holliday and Alica Atout’s expose of Cesar Duran last week, there’s a good deal of thought that Duran and CONTRA could be in cahoots with one another.

An audible is called by officials and a fresh Women’s Featherweight division is pushed ahead on the card as Nicole Savoy aims to challenge Holidead in singles action.

Nicole Savoy vs. Holidead (with Dr. Dax)

Willow Nightingale joins Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent on commentary for this match as Holidead saunters out with Dr. Dax on a leash whom she chains at ringside. The bell sounds and the two fighters jock for position.

Savoy delivers a deep arm drag before bridging into an arm wrench. Holidead powers herself up to tie Nicole up but it’s Nicole who maintains the offensive. She nails not one, but two hurricanranas that sends Holidead to her hound outside. Savoy doesn’t let a moment waste and dives on top of her!

Back from a brief break, Savoy almost gets the cover on Holidead, but she grabs the bottom rope. Holidead trips Savoy up for some cheap shots and a modified surfboard stretch. Savoy fights her way to the ropes for the break.

Savoy finds her suplex groove with a double underhook followed by a big German. She gets a near fall, but Holidead escapes.

Holidead catches Savoy for a modified neckbreaker before she swings Savoy for a big package driver and a near fall.

Holidead doesn’t let up and fireman carries Nicole only for it to be reversed into a dragon suplex!

Holidead still tries to fight on with some mounted punches, but it’s Savoy who catches her in a triangle choke. Holidead attempts to power free again, but Savoy has her trapped in a modified LaBell lock. Holidead has no option but to submit!

WINNER: Nicole Savoy

Post-fight, it looks like Savoy turned out worse for wear as the league doctor checks on Savoy. Holidead admonishes Dr. Dax at ringside before leading the beast off. Holidead isn’t done, however. As Willow is leaving the commentary booth, she is ambushed by Holidead who uses Dr. Dax’s chain to inflict more pain!

We get word that Dr. Swegler has not cleared Richard Holliday to fight tonight, but we hear straight from Richard to Alicia Atout that he’s going to defend his title nonetheless.

Next week we complete the remaining opening rounds of the Opera Cup as TJP takes on Alex Shelley and Bobby Fish battles Lee Moriarty!

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round
Matt Cross vs. Calvin Tankman

The commentary team stays busy with special guest as King Mo joins the duo on what is dubbed as a “recruiting mission.”

The bell sounds and Cross shows he has plenty to prove against Heavyweight Hustle using his quickness to his advantage. It sends Tank outside and Calvin gets caught with a tope suicida. That momentum suddenly stops when Tank shoulder tackles Matt crisp in the ring.

Tankman continues his brute force against Cross with some hard shots, a big time bodyslam and a running splash that nearly keeps Matt down for the count! Matt, however, fights to his feet. Tank is somewhat surprised, somewhat amused, but Cross shows him he means business with several bicycle kicks and a leaping spring board!

He double stomps the back of Tankman from up top and kicks him to the outside, but it doesn’t prove to be beneficial as Tank catches Matt mid air to slam him hard on the ring apron. That also gets a near fall.

Both men get to their feet to exchange chops and strikes. Tank nails a hard back elbow and bounces back for a leaping cutter and pin attempt: 1-2-no!

Matt gets up top and goes for a shooting star, but scouts Tank’s movement mid air and lands on his feet. He gets popped-up for a back elbow that dizzies him. Cross continues to fight but gets nailed with a mean lariat and struck with another back elbow to keep him down for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and ADVANCING: Calvin Tankman

Post-fight, Tankman says he’s going to take the Opera Cup home for his child at home while we get a cross Matt Cross saying Tankman stooped to a low level by poking him in the eye, but you only need one eye to see that Tankman caught him clean with an elbow.

With the legendary Tajiri becoming the new World Middleweight Champion, the press in Japan caught plenty of quotes from the Japanese Buzzsaw at the airport. Tajiri has all intentions to be a defending champion and we could very likely see some of those title defenses occur in Pro Wrestling NOAH

Alicia Atout is backstage interviewing a brew-heavy Budd Heavy who is on cloud nine partying in South Philly. The conversation is cut short when a masked associate of Duran interrupts Atout to request her presence.

Last week, Injustice was attacked by 5150 on the corner of Swanson & Ritner in South Philly. We’re notified that Jordan Oliver is still in ICU after the attack.

Emilio Sparks happens to catch footage of an irate Jacob Fatu venting to Josef Samael. Samael assures Fatu that War Chamber is where the Samoan Werewolf can get his head back in the game and that fires the former World Champion up.

We see Alicia enter Cesar Duran’s office. Duran doesn’t shy away from patronizing Atout’s journalistic work before stating that she’ll be his guest ringside when Holliday takes on King Muertes tonight.

We have a brief medical update on both Nicole Savoy and Willow Nightingale after the attack of Holidead. Savoy has been taken to a nearby hospital and Willow is being tended to in the trainer’s room after taking a vicious DDT on the entryway.

Still in his office, Duran seems to want to meet up with CONTRA’s Mads Kruggers despite his troublesome past with the group of infidels.

IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Championship
King Muertes vs. Richard Holliday (c)

Sure enough, Duran is accompanied by a reluctant Alicia at ringside for a front-row view of the fight.The bell sounds and the two fighters stand nose-to-nose. A lock up occus and Holliday takes some shots at Muertes that hurts his own hand. Muertes strikes back and Holliday tries to maintain his technical prowess.

Muertes suddenly catches Richard with a major spear before pummelling him ruthlessly. Muertes twists the shoulder f Richard over the ropes before planting him hard on the canvas. The Man of 1,000 Deaths basks in the jeers of the Philly crowd before catapult choking Richard on the bottom rope.

As the fight wages on, we see EJ Nduka battling with Mads Krugger backstage while the Sentai Death Squad appears on the entryway!

Back from break, Holliday goes on a flurry of offensive strikes before he gets lariated to the outside in front of Duran. Duran dumps his glass of champagne on Holliday’s head. Alicia is disgusted by his actions.

Matters don’t seem to be unfolding well for EJ Nduka as he is ganged up on by CONTRA

Back in the ring, Holliday is brought up to his feet by his throat before Muertes hammers away with lariats in the corner. Muertes goes for a superplex, but Holliday headbutts himself free and nails his patented diving clothesline!

Holliday continues the momentum until is caught with a swift powerslam. 1-2-no!

Muertes takes a shot at Richard as we see Hammerstone even the odds to help out Nduka with a steel chair. Holliday turns the tide with some forearms before hoisting Muertes up in a torture rack for a modified TKO. He gets a very near fall out of it. Holliday keeps a watchful eye on the Sentai Death Squad and rightfully so as Ikuro Kwan charges in with a roundhouse kick. This catches Rich off-guard and Muertes nails a Straight-To-Hell flatliner on the floor. He rolls Rich back in and covers for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW IWA Puerto Rico Caribbean Champion: King Muertes

Duran tries to “celebrate” with Alicia Atout who doesn’t want any part of it. Cesar clearly has struck a deal with CONTRA as Samael and his insurgents are grinning at the entryway. The deck is stacked against Team Hammer and this could mean more turbulent times for the league with an unlikely alliance afoot.

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