War Chamber Recap: CONTRA Clashes With The Hammerheads


This week, MLW host the most violent match in league with War Chamber (presented by www.newlawoffice.com)! Before the battle begins, we see the violent matchmaker, Cesar Duran step out into Philadelphia’s infamous 2300 Arena. He has good news for his “renegades.” He makes the official announcement that Major League Wrestling and MLW Azteca will be making its way to Mexico!

5150 are relishing in their turf war “win” against Los Parks as they disrespected the lucha legacy by ripping the mask off of El Hijo de LA Park. Danny “Limelight” Rivera said that they burned the mask of El Hijo in their own former of street corner flex!

We have some more big announcements before the War Chamber commences as well. Next week on a special Thanksgiving episode of MLW Fusion, not only will we be getting the five-man ladder match for the National Openweight Championship, but we’ll see the Opera Cup semi-finals take place between Calvin Tankman and TJP. Not only that, but Major League Wrestling will witness the debut of “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin!

War Chamber will potentially lay to rest the war CONTRA has waged on MLW and the rules are simple:

CONTRA Unit vs. The Hammerheads

A coin flip determined who has the initial two-on-one advantage and unfortunately for the league, it was CONTRA and Samael sent his biggest gun out first with the former World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu.

The Hammerheads, however, had a major counter strike. Philadelphia was shocked to see Cesar Duran’s “blood brother” Matanza Duran make his way to the War Chamber! Matanza is how Duran knows his brother, but fight fans know this force as Jeff Cobb!

The fight begins and it is indeed just that. The two monsters slug it out as it is Fatu who displays the early dominance, but Cobbs shows why he was a former Olympian by throwing the Samoan Werewolf across the canvas.

This battle continues for the first five minutes until a massive Sentai Death Squad member makes the match 2-on-1!

Cobb is in clear and present danger as CONTRA crushes him in the corner until The Hammerheads receive the help of Savio Vega with kendo stick in hand!

Vega cracks the stick across the skull of Fatu before taking out Death Squad Member #1! Cobb and Savio clutch hold of the offense in the War Chamber!

Savio shows his veteran savvy by being precise with his kendo shots as he dissects Fatu with strikes.

Next up is Ikuro Kwon. The prize fighter from the tar pits of Singapore enters steady in focus and then does a similiar dissection with well timed kicks! He chokes Cobb with his CONTRA tee!

Richard Holliday enters for The Hammerheads next and history will show that he’s got a big-time vendetta with CONTRA. Holliday utilizes his wrestling prowess to take out each member until he comes toe-to-toe with Fatu.

Holliday chops at Kwon in the corner while Cobb double stomps the Death Squad member. He and Holliday fist bump one another in a form of team unity.

Next up is the second member of the Sentai Death Squad. He swiftly goes for the attack on Cobb before we head to a brief break.

Back from it, CONTRA is shown focusing on the knee and the ankle of Holliday before it’s time for Judgement Day. EJ Nduka makes his way to the ring and absolutely levels every single member of CONTRA!

Nduka slams the massive Death Squad Member before hoisting him up for a powerful suplex. EJ then tosses around the other Death Squad member and the two insurgents find themselves on the outside of the Chamber!

Matters get even more monstrous as mercenary Mads Krugger makes his way to the Chamber with another Death Squad member. Krugger and Nduka immediately come face to face in a test of power.

As this fight occurs Kwon tries to attack The Judge from behind, but EJ makes him pay. Krugger capitalizes witha top rope attack on his equal.

The final fighter of War Chamber is introduced as the World Heavyweight Champion enters to warm Philly welcome.

Hammer is prepared too as Sentai Death Squad Member #1 charges at the champ, but gets some salt to the eyes and smacked with a lead pipe. He gets in the Chamber and is charged up, but Mads Krugger sends him to the canvas with a chokeslam! Hammer shows his perseverence by popping to his feet and smacking Mads with a Nightmare Pendulum!

Then it is flashbacks to Fightland as Fatu and Hammer come nose-to-nose. The two beasts battle but Fatu aims for Hammer’s injured leg with an ankle lock!

CONTRA has control briefly, but Fatu inadvertantly hits Krugger in the corner. The two keep focus on the task at hand as Fatu sends Mads into a prone Hammer in the opposite corner.

Fatu goes to follow up with with a leaping senton of the turnbuckle, but he connects with Mads once more! Hammer makes the most of the opportunity and signals for the end! He hoists Ikuro Kwon up in a back crunching torture rack and Kwon has no other choice but to submit! The Hammerheads win!

WINNERS: The Hammerheads

Hammerstone, Nduka, Holliday, Cobb and Vega all celebrate on the stage as Fatu looks despondent in the ring.

He goes to help Kwon and his CONTRA crew to their feet, but Krugger shoves the Samoan Werewolf seemingly upset at the inadvertant actions in the ring. Kwon tries to play peacemaker, but Mads wants to fight. Fatu obliges and thrust kicks Krugger.

Kwon immediately stabs Fatu in the back and Fatu makes him pay with a pop-up Samoan Drop!

It’s not long before Philadelphia starts chanting for the Samoan Werewolf as he sends some Death Squad members careening across the floor of the 2300 Arena! It becomes mass chaos as Krugger goes once more to the attack of Fatu. ATLAS security tries to maintain order but both Krugger and Fatu want a pound of flesh from one another! Order somewhat gets restored as Krugger stands atop of the stage and we’re left wondering what is the future of CONTRA Unit!

We cut to Cesar Duran as a glass of wine is poured in his office. We then see the mysterious Karlee Perez partake in a toast with the MLW matchmaker. Duran offers Perez a new beginning in a new land. Perez seems interested but notes their’s been a lot of bad blood between the two. Cesar wants to leave the past behind and paint the future in red. She does have an artistic flair, but she wants to see the canvas. Duran does that quite literally as he presents the blueprint for the MLW ring. Perez likes that notion and claims it as “all ours.”

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