Hammerstone’s whereabouts unknown


A shocking ending to MLW Azteca’s premiere

Following the shocking ending of tonight’s main event on the premiere of MLW Azteca, Cesar Duran showed the world what “consequences” means when you don’t do business with “El Jefe” the right way.

Moments after the Apocalypto Match, Pagano betrayed Hammerstone, joining King Muertes and Taurus in pummeling the World Champion. Carried out of the arena several men wearing Azteca masks.

An eyewitness spoke with MLW.com and confirmed an unconscious Hammerstone was placed in a van and whisked off.

All calls to Cesar Duran have gone unanswered as league officials scramble to get to the bottom of the whereabouts of the champion.

Meanwhile, a source has some “news” for his renegades tomorrow. What does the ruthless Cesar Duran have in store for MLW? We’ll apparently find out very soon.

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