AZTECA Recap: Hammerstone & Pagano Battle Muertes & Taurus In Apocalypto Match

MLW AZTECA (presented by premieres as it should – with matchmaker Cesar Duran walking out to present to the world his new violent creation. He gets the packed Tijuana crowd chanting “lucha” as we go to trios action in the ring!

Aramis, Destiny and Myzteziz Jr vs. Arez, Black Danger and Dinamico

We find Aramis and Arez on opposite sides of the canvas once more as the action is as fast-paced as expected.

Arez used his strange-style to lure in his opponents in and par the course with his tactics, his team made use of a quick chair shot to Destiny.

Destiny, however, would get retribution on Dinamico as he played possum up to to nail him with a leaping stunner! Myzteziz Jr. and Arez go back in forth in a high-flying chess match before Aramis isolates Black Danger. The latter hits a 630 splash and it eventually leads to a stereo pin attempt by his team, but all shoulders get up at two.

It’s Aramis’ crew who ulimately gets the better as he and Arez battle it out in the ring. Aramis nails his airplane Blue Thunder Bomb! He’s done for. 1-2-3 and this rivalry continues!

WINNERS: Aramis, Destiny and Myzteziz Jr.

Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are with Alicia Atout. He believes Alicia believes that he’s afraid of Calvin Tankman. Well where’s Tankman in Tijuana? “Where’s the crybaby?” Mr. Thomas asks. The National Openweight Champion Kane would defend his title anywhere, but Tankman can’t get his life in order. The fact is that Tankman’s storybook ending would end with the crowd chanting “BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

Karlee Perez is with Cesar Duran. They are concoting a plan that they can’t reverse as King Muertes steps in. He wants a piece of Hammerstone and Pagano. Perez makes note she will be unable to attend due to matters that need addressed, but they have a partner of pure violence ready for the Man Of 1,000 Deaths in Taurus. Muertes sure likes that.

Richard Holliday vs. Psycho Clown

Alicia Atout walks out with Holliday, but she joins Joe Dombrowski and Rich Boccini on commentary. Psycho Clown comes out to a major reaction from Tijuana. He and Rich jock for affection from the crowd before the two fighters get down to business.

Atout makes clear that she and Richard are not in a relationship but she does find herself rooting for him against Psycho Clown. PC nails Richard with one tope, but once he goes for a second, Rich has him scouted. Holliday goes for a pin and the official administers a very slow two count. Cesar Duran must be up to something!

Holliday and Psycho Clown slug it out, but Rich downs him with a rope assisted DDT. Psycho Clown gets a near fall with a cradle pin. Holliday keeps matters in his favor with a torture rack turned into a TKO. Two count.

The mood and tide changes when an AZTECA henchman of Duran’s comes to ringside to whisk Atout away. That distracts Rich and Psycho Clown nails him with his belt before hitting an avalanche Spanish Fly. He gets the pinfall before Rich rushes to the back (even leaving his AirPods behind!)

WINNER: Psycho Clown

5150 heard the Von Erichs talking about Konnan. They better not hear them doing such again or they got some plans for them in Dallas. That includes havinig their 40-year draught of not winning a world title in Dallas continuing.

Well cut to the Von Erichs who are busy night training with their legendary dad, Kevin Von Erich. He says 5150 talks because they’re scared to death. Kevin says for his sons to stay true to their guns and wrestle their style of match, not 5150’s.

Holliday is irate and confronts Duran about Alicia’s whereabouts. Duran says she is safe and sound in the locker room, but Duran wants to introduce Rich to a local Tijuana detective about a night club “incident” last night. Holliday says he wasn’t at a nightclub, but still gets taken to the police station, but not before he tells Duran that’ll he’ll be hearing from Richard himself

It’s main event time.

Apocalypto Match
Taurus & King Muertes vs. Pagano & Alex Hammerstone

The bell sounds and the four men begin brawling. Muertes lariats Hammer out of the ring which leaves Pagano and Taurus to duke it out. Muertes tries to utilize a cheese grater to Hammer who fights himself free with a chair. Pagano and Taurus trade shots and it’s not long before Hammer and Muertes do the exact same. Hammer nails a dropkick, but it only gets a one count. Muertes fires back with a powerslam and a flurry of punches. Muertes drags Pagano in by his hair, but Taurus sends him back out by spearing Pagano over the guardrail! It’s not long before all four participants battle over and around the barricades!

Taurus chokes Hammer with an errant cable as the entire guardrail is collapsed. Muertes suplexes Pagano on the stage as Hammer pump kicks Taurus over the guardrail and into the crowd!

Hammerstone gets Irish whipped into a chair he wedged in the corner which makes the World Champion a fallen target.

This assault continues through a commercial break as both Hammer and Pagano find themselves on the canvas. Pagano manages to regain some momentum with a rip chord lariat to Taurus. He battles with Muertes, but gets caught with a spear. Hammer has to make the save.

Hammer gets a torture locked onto Muerte as he flattens him with a Burning Hammer onto an industrial trash can. A wooden floorboard is presented. Taurus nails Hammer with a spinning bulldog, but Hammer flips Taurus high into the floorboard in the corner!

Pagano nails a running sit-out powerslam on Taurus. THe two unlikely partners hit a Doomsday Device on Taurus. They set their sights on Muertes. Hammer powerbombs King Muertes crisply. Muertes fights on with a lungblower, but Hammer kicks out. Pagano nails Taurus with a DVD through another floorboard while Hammer hits a Nightmare Pendulum lon Muertes! 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Alex Hammerstone & Pagano

Post-match, Cesar Duran steps onto the stage and signals the end for Hammer. The champ shows his rightful suspicions as when Hammer turns around he is nailed with a cookie sheet by Pagano! It’s a three on one beatdown!

AZTECA henchmen come out to carry Hammerstone away and we all have to wonder what’s in store for the World Champion!

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