Azteca Recap: Krugger Battles Bestia 666, Holliday vs. Pagano In Barrio Brawl

Emilio Sparks fires off MLW Azteca (presented by with a stream of his own as he catches Cesar Duran outside of the arena, but he’s not the only one seeking word from the matchmaker. Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday approach Duran and Hammer is rightfully steamed due to Duran’s actions last week. Duran instigates Hammer to hit him, but warns him if he does, he’ll be stripped of the World Title. Another flex of power. Cesar continues that flex by putting Richard Holliday in a Barrio Brawl match against Pagano tonight and says Hammer better heal up his “clipped wing” as he’ll defend his title next week no matter what the condition.

World Tag Team Championships
5150 (c) vs. Drago & Aerostar

The champs come out supporting their Puerto Rican pride and that’s not appealing them to the Tijuana crowd. To add to that, Rivera gets on the mic to run down the audience. Slice Boogie minces no words when calls Tijuana a “big piece of sh*t.”

Out come Drago and Aerostar for 5150’s second title defense. 5150 immediately attack AS and Drago once the bell sounds, but the luchadores use their speed to outwit the champs. Aerostar nails a leaping codebreaker and it sets Drago up for a tope dive. This in turn allows Aerostar to do a cannonball back senton to the outside!

A springboard splash by Aerostar gets a pin attempt on Rivera. It’s Slice Boogie who fires back with a springboard German suplex and he unloads some punches on Aerostar.

Boogie hits his twisting Vader bomb elbow and it puts Aerostar in another predicament. Boogie chokes Aerostar on te ropes, but Aerostar flips free and tags in Drago, but he feels exactly why 5150 can call themselves the Tag Team Champions.

Aerostar and Drago show why their worthy challengers as Aerostar leaps off the two to nail a cutter on Boogie!

The latter hits second gear as the man shows hist strength. The two hit their wheelbarrow DDT and German combo to Drago. Aerostar fights back with his twisting corkscrew from up top!

Aerostar however gets caught in the 456 Headcrack for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL World Tag Team Champions: 5150

Alex Kane reveal after his win against Aerostar from last week: “Crybaby Calvin.” All proceed will go in helping Tankman with his legal fees. Kane makes certain that he’s going to send Tankman home in a stroller like he deserves. “BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

We see a television screen and an hourglass appear on a snowy screen before the video ends.

Holliday is a little beside himself about the Barrio Brawl. Hammerstone assures Richard that he’s got enough heart to get him through the fight. Holliday wants a weapon, but he’s got nothing. Hammer offers him shark testosterone, but that’s gonna take a month to kick in.

Toto vs. Proximo

Promixo and Toto exchange kicks that send each one of them to the outside. Toto connects with a tope. He gets Proximo back in the ring for a cover, but a slow count allows him to kick out. German suplex keeps Proximo down. He then hits a head scissors to Proximo and it sends the luchador to the outside.

Back in the ring, Proximo nails a head scissors of his own before utilizing the corner for an armdrag takedown. Toto fights on theo outside and nails Prox with a Canadian Destroyer on the floor. He gets Prox back in the ring for a two count.

Toto continues his offense until Prox nails a leaping hurricanrana from the corner. Toto may have suffered a charlie horse due to that and Prox takes advantage by a leaping senton to the outside!

He gets Toto back in the ring, butt Toto fights on for a fireman’s carry slam. Toto is still favoring his leg. This allows Prox to catch him up top. Prox nails a leaping Spanish Fly from up top and sure enough, it’s good for the win, especially with Prox’s foot on the ropes!

WINNER: Proximo

The attacker of Davey Richards is still unknown, but whoever it was ran off with Davey’s Opera Cup. There is a silver lining to this all however as it’s announced courtesy of Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated that Davey Richards will face Alex Hammerstone for the World Title at Super Fight!

We see Jacob Fatu break his silence. He didn’t grow up wanting to wrestle until he went to jail. He remembered seeing his brothers the Usos wrestling former MLW stars Davey Boy Smith Jr and Tyson Kidd. That’s what really inspired him. When he got out of jail in Sacremento, his wife moved him to Sacremento. He said he intially didn’t respect the wrestling business but unbeknownst to him, he grew up in it. He saw the good, the bad and the ugly of it all and sure enough, he gave it a shot.

Barrio Brawl
Richard Holliday vs. Pagano

Pagano catches Holliday by suprise in the lot Duran has closed off for the fight. It’s Cesar who watches up top and the fight is fierce as Pagano and Richard battle it out using the enviroment to enhance the violence.

The fight continues in the streets as Holliday sends Pagano into a door. Enter Cesar Duran. This allows the Azteca official to grab Holliday from behind and Pagano gets an underhanded strike at Rich, KO’ing him for the “ref” to administer the three count.

WINNER: Pagano

Tijuana Street Fight
Mads Krugger vs. Bestia 666

Mads Krugger looks intimidating as ever but the legacy star knows what it’s like to be in these types of fights. The bell sounds and Bestia goes to strike Krugger. He keeps the steady pace his father taught him, but it’s Krugger who slows the pace down for deliberate attacks.

Bestia looks to turn the momentum with a tope dive, but Krugger catches him by the throat. Bestia calls an audible for a leaping rana off the apron, but Krugger pops right back up on his feet. Bestia tries chair shots, but Krugger still remains unphased.

Krugger bounces Bestia hard off the apron. Krugger drops a big leg drop as “Let’s Go Bestia” chants occur for the son of Damian.

Krugger begins to throw weapons in the ringas Bestia tries to recover. Krugger hits a massive boot to Bestia mid ring. Krugger sets his sights on a cheese grater, but it’s Bestia who gets the better and uses that weapon across Krugger’s chest.

As painful as that is Krugger catches him with a backbreaker.

Bestia goes to the outside and Krugger attempts a dive, but Bestia smacks Mads with a weapon. Bestia continues the attack by smacking Mads with a chair. He collars Krugger with the chair and sends him into the ring post.

Bestia gets Mads back in the ring and puts Krugger up top. He grates the head of Mads. Bestia goes for a muscle buster on Krugger, but Mads is too powerful him to do so. Another audible is called and Bestia nails him with a hurricanrana from up top! Ref counts: 1-2-no!

Bestia sets up a chair. He smacks Mads with a weapon before nailing him with a running knee. Bestia goes for a second one, but Krugger scouts it and catches Bestia by the through. He plants Bestia down for a facebuster on the chair for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mads Krugger

Krugger looks all but ready for Fatu as you know the Samoan Werewolf is eating away at the mercenary.

It’s official: Next week, Hammerstone will defend his title against Octagon Jr.!

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