Azteca Recap: Hammerstone Defends World Title Against Octagon Jr.; Vikingo vs. Aramis

MLW Azteca (presented by starts off this week with a recap of Pagano’s vicious attack against Richard Holliday in the barrio brawl. Pagano absolutely means business and it certainly appears beneficial with Cesar Duran backing his brutality. This week, we’re back in the underground fight club and we’re starting the whole event off with some lucha intensity.

Arez vs. Extreme Tigre

Arez comes out with his briefcase full of cash as Tigre looks all too eager to get to in ring competition. Arez goes for an unorthodox pin on Tigre for a near fall, but Tigre returns the favor quite quickly with a pin of his own. More pins are attempted as you can feel the momentum picking up. Arez offers a hand in respect and Tigre takes a bit to consider it, but Arez tries tricking him. Tigre spots the deception, but does get nailed with a very impression lung blower!

The battle goes back in Tigre’s favor when he hits a Code Red on Arez, but a modified butterfly lock nearly gets Tigre in a tough submission predicament.Tigre does escape and the high-flying takes to the outside!

Back in the ring, Tigre single leg dropkicks Arez for a two count, but Arez fires back with a moonsault from the ropes! Harsh kicks from Arez come before Tigre nails a piledriver.

A slow count allows Arez to kick out. Arez cracks Tigre with a double stomp and then nails a Northern Lights suplex for the bridge pin win.


We see 5150 playing dice and who joins the party but Cesar Duran. He wants to talk about the future. He asks if they’re ready for Blood & Thunder. Duran wants the two to make him happy. Talking isn’t doing it, but he wants results. For now, let’s play some dice!

AAA Mega Championship
Aramis vs. El Hijo del Vikingo (c)

This match starts off super quickly as both luchadores utilize speed to the best of their abilities and that ability on both ends is premiere.

Vikingo feigns a handhake for an attack and headscissors Aramis out of the ring. In an unimaginable feat of athleticism, Vikingo leaps off the top rope to perch himself on a fight club support pole to crash on top of Aramis!

This sets Aramis up for an attack from up top but Aramis has enough wherewithal to get his knees up and it sends Vikingo to th outside. Aramis catches Vikingo by powerbombing him into the adjacent support pole!

Aramis then flips on top of the champ to the outside! Aramis breaks the count to save the match before getting Vikingo back in the ring for his torture rack powerbomb finisher, but Viking flips himself free for a pin attempt of his own.

Vikingo nails a solid face buster for a two count. The two men soon trade strikes. Vikingo and the challenger trade wild counters with one another, but the whole tone changes when Arez comes out to slide his briefcase in to the referee! The official inspects it and Vikingo continues to keep his eyes on victory. He manages to hit his ever impressive 630 splash for the title retain!

WINNER and STILL AAA Mega Champion: El Hijo del Vikingo

We see EJ Nduka. He talks about marrying his wife Bethany and having his child during the pandemic: Exodus Nduka. He goes over his training background into what made him the judge, jury and executioner. He wants the gold around his waist. Next week he’ll be in action!

The Opera Cup has been stolen after Davey Richards was attacked in Tijuana. We at will keep you updated.

Alex Kane wants new competitors since “Crybaby Calvin” can’t compete with him in Tijuana. Duran wants him to compete in an intense trios match next week. Kane does believe in the lucha libre style, but accepts, knowing that he’ll one day cash in a favor courtesy of Duran.

We’ll get another in-depth look at Jacob Fatu next week as the Samoan Werewolf continues to break his silence! Now, it’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Octagon Jr.

Cesar Duran was standing at ringside for the first look at Hammerstone and his “clipped wing.”

Nonetheless, Hammer kept a determined demeaneor as Octagon Jr. made his way to the ring and exchanged a quick fist bump with “El Jefe.” The bell sounds and Octagon gets the offense going by immediately going after that left arm. Octagon puts Hammer in a tree of woe to do a sliding dropkick but a massive body drop and an intense lariat over the ropes gives Hammer a little time to recoup.

Hammer drops Octagon on face first on the apron and as he get the luchador back in the ring, an army of Azteca Henchmen are shown standing on the fight club entryway.

Octagon hits running meteroa on Hammer in the corner before doing an Arabian press variant. He then does an impressive Asai moonsault to Hammer on the outside!

Hammer shows his resiliency and finds an oppotunity to even the odds when he pancakes Octagon down with his good arm. He soon follows that up with a belly-to=belly suplex. He covers, but only gets a two count. Octagon nails a superkick before hitting a perfect 450 splash for a nearfall.

Hammer fights to his feet and powers through the pain to hit a spin-out facebuster for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL World Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Duran shows his displeasure by prompting the Azteca army down to the ring. Sure enough, Hammer is surrounded. Matters look more than dire when it’s Richard Holliday who makes his way to cover his Dynasty brother’s “six!” The two men are swarmed by the henchman as Azteca goes off the air!

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