Killer Kross arrives Feb 26 in Charlotte

The harbinger of chaos is coming to SuperFight

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Tick tock… time has run out and Killer Kross has walked through MLW’s open door policy, looking for a fight on February 26 at MLW SuperFight hosted by the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping. Buy tickets

For weeks a mosaic of madness in the form of “messages” have aired on MLW programming with disturbing imagery as well as some curious symbols of hourglasses, white rabbits and a certain Dodge Charger en route to an unknown location. Now we know the destination: MLW… and the driver: Killer Kross.

A harbinger of chaos, the 6’4″ fighter has been a threat wherever he’s battled. Now, the Las Vegas native is looking for a fight… and he will get one February 26 when he enters MLW at SUPERFIGHT.

League officials are negotiating an opponent for the dangerous underground combat fighter. 

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Who will step up and clash with Killer Kross? Find out Saturday night, February 26 in Charlotte at MLW SuperFight!

Buy your tickets at MLWLive.comThe 2022 edition of MLW SuperFight will feature three title bouts, some big debuts and even shocking returns to the league. More details on the card will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

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