Mini Abismo Negro calls out all wrestlers for Charlotte match

Mini Abismo Negro makes his Charlotte debut at SuperFight

Mini Abismo Negro vows to unleash mayhem and take any wrestler of any size on Saturday, February 26 at MLW SuperFight hosted by the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping. 

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The magnificent world of mini-estrellas will thrill Charlotte wrestling fans as Cesar Duran brings one of lucha libre’s most iconic divisions to MLW. 

Fire explodes as Mini Abismo enters the ring with his trademark flamethrower. Igniting an explosive display of high-risk high flying, Mini Abismo, meaning “Black Abyss” in English, is also known for employing some questionable rudo rule breaking techniques.

Standing at 4’11”, the cocky Mini Abismo is a versatile competitor who has called out MLW wrestlers of any size to take him on.

Created by the late, legendary Antonio Pena, the Mini Abismo Negro mantle was recently passed down to a new luchador taking up the mask in just the past few months.

Now, Mini Abismo Negro looks to show the world what a new era of the masked mini luchador is all about: winning by any means necessary. 

Who will step up and lucha with Mini Abismo? Find out Saturday night, February 26 in Charlotte at MLW SuperFight!

Buy your tickets at MLWLive.comThe 2022 edition of MLW SuperFight will feature three title bouts, some big debuts and even shocking returns to the league. More details on the card will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

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