Fusion Recap: Fatu vs. Krugger In Long-Awaited Fight


Tonight on MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) it’s the mercenary monster Mads Krugger battling the Samoan Werewolf himself, Jacob Fatu. CONTRA Unit’s civil war is set to go down and it’s Krugger who cuts the feed to say he’s going to break Fatu down piece by piece.

After a two hour wait, Emilio Sparks presses EJ Nduka about his thoughts on the Dynasty detonating between Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. Emilio learns the hard way about putting his hands on The Judge, but he does get an answer: Nduka and Hammerstone are “copasetic.”

Trios Match
Arez, Gino Medina & Mini Abismo Negro (with Dr. Dax) vs. Aramis, El Dragon & ???

Mister Saint Laurent walks onto the stage as the lights dim. He has a “huge” surprise for the people in Dallas. Tonight he presents…Microman.

“I looked everywhere. I can’t even believe this is real. The greatest night of my life,” MSL says on commentary as Microman steps under the bottom rope.

Sure enough, it’s the two rivals in Aramis and Arez starting the fight off as we head to commercial break.

Back from it, Aramis literally walks a thin line as he uses a barricade and Dr. Dax to flip Arez back in the ring!

Pins are traded and we have a bit of a stand-off to the applause of the Dallas crowd. Gino Medina recieves a tag and he uses his kicking expertise to his advantage. El Dragon gets the tag and takes it to Gino with kicks of his own before nailing a crisp hurricanrana. MAN gets tagged and shows his lucha prowess before Microman gets the tag. MAN boots Microman down harshly to a chorus of boos, but out of nowhere, Microman hits a flipping arm drag and catches MAN with charging bulldog. Gino puts a stop to it and stomps away at Microman. Both Gino and Mini Abismo Negro choke him against the ropes before they set their sights on El Dragon. They get a near fall on him as Microman goes to make the save. He’s cut off at the pass, but later on does make the save!

Unfortunately, MAN, Gino and Arez have Microman in their clutches for an electric chair drop. That changes when Aramis and El Dragon kick the caps off Gino and MAN. They kick Arez and Microman turns it into a hurricanrana!

After a brief break, the chaos goes to the outside and Aramis embraces the opportunity to set sights on Arez! Microman catches MAN off-guard for an amazing head scissors. Microman leaps on the back on Arez to take out MAN once more on the outside! Dallas is feeling the inspiration from the under-three-foot star!

Microman kicks Arez down to his height to deliver a facebuster and head scissors takeover! It’s MAN who plays the spoiler as he hits an powerbomb facebuster on Microman. Thankfully Aramis makes the save. Gino Medina is the fighter to bring it to Aramis, but it’s El Dragon who returns the favor with a faceplant. MAN makes the save once more.

Aramis soon hits a beautiful sidekick to Gino. Aramis hits his Blue Thunder special, but Arez thwarts his rival’s progress. That leads to several topes on the outside. El Dragon has Gino down for a 450 splash on Gino before he leaps onto the mass of humanity on the outside. Gino, still devastated from that massive 450, gets a mini-Vader bomb from Microman: 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Aramis, El Dragon & MICROMAN

Post-match, Gino Medina is beside himself and shoves Rich Bocchini and the official! Medina is clearly embarrassed by the result of the match and stomps off after the aftermath he left.

5150 is celebrating with some Texas gals as they retained their Tag Titles against Los Parks. Rivera and Slice Boogie begin to run down the Von Erichs for not being in their own homestate of Dallas.

It’s official: Real 1 is back in league competition after a lengthy suspension.

Alex Kane and Calvin Tankman are getting ready to clash, but Calvin is as calm as can be despite Kane’s transgressions against him because he knows his talking gets down in the ring.

Emilio Sparks asks Kane who’s holding the bag for Bomaye Fight Club? Kane says that’s not important, but what will be is when he defeats Heavyweight Hustle next week.

Gino Medina is not done after suffering the embarrassing pin against Microman. Emilio tries to get comments from Medina but the man immediately sets sight on Aramis and El Intocable literally walks away with blood on his hands!

We see World Champion Alex Hammerstone. He wants to be known as the best champion in all of pro wrestling. Davey Richards was indeed an inspiration for him to get into the sport, but Davey himself notes that’s not why he does it. It’s for the World Title and his name is just that – a name.

Hammerstone says all the former fighters had try to out endure Davey, that’s not the champ’s gameplan. He’s going to go after Richards in a different manner.

It’s main event time.

Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

This grudge match doesn’t even begin in the ring as it is Fatu who gets right down to fighting Mads on the outside. It’s King Kong vs. Godzilla as neither man budge against one another. Fatu delivers rapid headbutts to Krugger but Mads remains unphased. He hits a pop-up Samoan Drop on the big man, but Mads still returns with resilency. Jacob goes for a handspring moonsault, but it’s Krugger who catches him by the throat for a chokeslam backbreaker!

The fight once more spills to the outside as it’s Mads who looks quite dominate against the Samoan Werewolf and that’s punctuated with a leaping over the top tope!

Matters take a turn when it’s Ikuro Kwon who comes out to help Krugger. That backfires however and it’s Fatu catching Mads with a springboard moonsault from the corner for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

Mads potentially had the victory in the palm of his hands and is not finished despie the loss. He and Kwon attempt to take out Fatu, but Fatu shows why he’s all about the body count as he takes out both men! The same goes for security and it’s evident that this war is far from over!

Cesar Duran is on the phone with Karlee Perez, but is interrupted by the turncoat Richard Holliday. He said that Duran made him a promise: does he remember what it was? That seems to escape Duran. Holliday notes he single-handedly took care of CONTRA, got Hammerstone through War Chamber and helped to transition the power over to Duran. He is owed his World Title shot. Duran agrees and Holliday will make the perfect challenger. However, Davey Richards just signed a contract so his hands are tied. There is a provision if Davey happens to get injured before his fight. “Interesting,” Holliday comments.

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