Fusion Recap: TAJIRI Defends Middleweight Title In Fatal Four Way


We see the Power Couple to start off this week’s episode of MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com). Richard Holliday is insulted that Davey Richards jumped ahead in line for HIS World Title shot. Holliday has incentive for anyone willing to take the American Wolf out: a suitcase full of cash. “Boys…have at it,” says Alicia Atout. A bounty has been placed on Richards’ head!

The evening kicks off with Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Kane – a match that’s been a long time coming.

National Openweight Championship
Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Kane (c) (with Mr. Thomas)

The bell sounds and the punches are thrown. Tankman gets the better of Kane who bails out of the ring to avoid the haymakers. Back in the ring, another shot stumbles Kane. The size advantage plays into Heavyweight Hustle’s game plan.

Kane finds a window of offense after missing a spinning backfist before hitting a boot and a stunner. A shoulder tackle by Tank shifts that momentum once more, but only until Kane guillotine’s Calvin’s leg over the middle rope. Matters really get out of hand when Mr. Thomas cracks Calvin hard in the leg with the lead pipe! He’s in serious trouble as we take a quick commercial break.

Back from it, referee Frank Gastineau calls the match. Tankman wants to continue, but Gastineau stays adament as the match is called.

Backstage, we see the first individual to seek Richard Holliday’s bounty is Homicide. Thankfully, Davey fights him off as he begins a pursuit for Hollday.

Back in the ring, Alex Kane calls Calvin a coward for leaving and that prompts Tankman to come back out. Calvin must have spoke to someone backstage because the match is still on.

Kane takes advantage of the injury with a series of suplex, but Kane hits a pop-up back elbow and gets a very close fall on his rival.

Tankman signals for the end, but Kane makes himself dead weight. He trips Tankman on his bad leg and flips over for a pin attempt: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: Alex Kane

Post-match, Rich Bocchini asks Kane what he has to say for himself after his actions. He says he did what he said he was going to do. You’re witnessing a historic run. He’s the most dangerous man and champion in MLW: Self prompted “Bomaye” chants occur.

5150 is fed up with the family legacy garbage. Both Slice Boogie and Danny Limelight Rivera’s papis weren’t there for them. Now we got Ricky Morton and his kid coming to MLW. They got the Von Erichs and the Mortons. That Rock n’ Roll Express clout is in the past. Whether you like it or not, 5150 is just getting started in 2022.

Karlee Perez presents King Muertes an artifact, saying that this will make him “a god.”

KC Navarro vs. Ho Ho Lun

We have Middleweight action going down as Navarro makes his return after some lengthy time off due to an injury suffered by Real 1.

The camera cuts to see the Saito brothers attack Davey Richards, but the American Wolf fights them off.

Back from the attack, we see Ho Ho Lun of Dragon Gate show up to face KC.

Navarro offers a hand to Ho Ho but Lun pulls him in and we’re off to the races. Big dropkick by Navarro sends Lun to the outside for a tope dive! KC even high fives Bocchini! He covers Lun for a one count.

Moments ago, cameras catch an altercation between Alex Kane and ACH.

Lun manages to trip up KC on the turnbuckle and Navarro gets smacked in the head.

Both Ho Ho and KC battle back and forth. It’s Lun who hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. “Ho Ho” chants go down. Navarro catches Lun with a codebreaker and then a Jesus Piece for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: KC Navarro

Bocchini catches up with KC at ringside. Navarro talks about Real 1 taking three months off of his career. What was Real 1’s beef? Cause he got back on TV before he did? Real 1 will be the next to be blessed and KC wants him in a grudge match.

Navarro will indeed get that match next week. On top of that, if Davey Richards can survive, he’ll have his World Title Match against Alex Hammerstone! And finally, it will be 5150 defending their World Tag Titles against the Von Erichs! Get ready for SuperFight!

Two fighters who may not be ready for next week is Gnarls Garvin and Budd Heavy as the two had quite a bit to drink in a local Dallas bar!

Emilio Sparks catches up with Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas. Kane is full of trash talk until Tankman charges in for the attack!

We see Davey Richards cornered by the Saito Brothers and Homicide. Those aren’t the only three to attack as King Muertes emerges from the elevator. The four gang up on him, but who comes to regulate but World Champion Hammerstone! Richard Holliday’s bounty has backfired.

Out comes Cesar Duran for the main event. He calls Dallas a bunch of losers, but tonigt he’s here to reveal who the mystery contender is in the four way dance for the Middleweight Title. Duran reveals the mystery fighter to be Bandido!

Bandido vs. Myron Reed vs. Matt Cross vs. Tajiri (c)

The bell sounds and the battle begins. Tajiri and Bandido kick both Reed and Cross out to fight with one another. The two men reach a stalemate.

Reed and Cross soon get in to do the same. Myron gets in Matrix mode before dropkicking Matt out of the ring. Bandido slides in to duke it out. They go toe-to-toe center ring. A headscissors and heel kick downs Reed. Cross gets back in and tries to nail an impressive headscissors, but Bandido handsprings onto his feet! We head to a brief break! Back from it, Cross hits a springboard crossbody on Bandido for a near fall for two.

Tajiri begins a kicking clinic and a big target is Myron Reed. He cinches in the tarantula in the corner, but has to relent before the five count is reached. Tajiri goes for a Buzzsaw Kick, but Myron ducks and Bandido kicks Tajiri. Myron takes off his top gear to trade chops with Bandido and they are vicious. Bandido catches Reed in a one-handed press but Reed frees himself. Matt double stomps the back of Bandido, but the free agent absorbs it to roll Reed up for a near fall.

Bandido does an amazing feat next as he sets himself up in an electric chair position on Reed’s shoulders and beckons Cross to attack. Cross obliges and Bandido catches him for a fallaway slam as he hits a poisonrana in the process. Tajiri slides in to mist Myron once again, but Reed scouts it and Bandido gets caught in the crossfire!

Cross seizes the oppoturnity as Reed shoves Tajiri out and downs both Reed and Bandido. Cross leaps off to nail Bandido with a shooting star press but Reed nails him with a Flame On cutter for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

Myron Reed makes the MLW record books as he becomes the league’s first ever three-time champion!

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