Fusion Recap: TJP Faces Buddy Matthews Due To Open Door Policy


MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) fires off with Richard Holliday relishing in his actions from last week. He presents the blood stain on the concrete floor of the Grady Cole Center.

We kick the in-ring action off with some Featherweight division action.

Miranda Gordy vs. Rok-C

Both women make their MLW debuts and it’s a historic fight as Gordy is from Dallas and Rok-C is from Houston. Gordy powwers Rok-C around and C has to reset

Rok-C escapes a submission and turns it into her own with a head scissors and a crossface!

Miranda takes control once more with her sheer power and Gordy lays it in with chops in the corner! Big powerslam from Gordy gets C down for a two count!

Dallas gets behind Rok-C despite her hometown advantage but Gordy doesn’t let it bother her as she continues to slam Rok-C around.

Rok-C does get a pin attempt in but Gordy hits a Bam Bam Slam and secures the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Miranda Gordy

Post-natch, Miranda Gordy calls herself the powerweight division and she took Dallas all the way down to Badstreet!

We get word that Gino Medina was given a BONUS due to his attack on Aramis?? Thankfully that feed cuts, but we get word from Mads Krugger. Next week, he challenges Fatu to a stairway to hell match!

There’s a limousine sitting outside of Gilley’s. Sure enough, it’s Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout. They invite legendary cameraman Charlie into the ride. Gross.

Julius Smokes is elated for what 5150 did to  the Von Erichs and  EJ Nduka.

We get an in-depth look at Alex Hammerstone. YBH goes into detail about his youth: he grew up poor and didn’t have cable TV, so watching wrestling wasn’t an option, but once he caught wind, he became obsessed. He began training and for a long time, it looked like it wasn’t going to pay off. He talks about the strong relationship with his brother. Looking back on how he was brought up, those moments meant the world to him because it shapes as to who he has become.

Medical update: 

Marshall Von Erich suffered a fractured talus and is out for 3-4 weeks

Ross Von Erich is day-to-day with a concussion

As far as Hammerstone, there is no updates. He has refused to comply to Cesar Duran’s wishes.

We get an update from EJ Nduka himself after his attack by 5150: he’s built on family and faith. 5150 chose the wrong one. Always repay evil with good. And he’s about to pay it real good.

We see Holliday and Atout back in the limo for a pretty cringe make-out session. Thankfully, they get some “big news” via Alicia’s phone and it causes them to exit the limo. Whew. Close one!

TJP vs. Buddy Matthews

TJP comes out with a mic in hand and calls Dallas “crayon eaters.” He runs down MLW’s open door policy and he says he’s the best thing to walk through MLW’s doors anyways. Unfortunately, he has to adhere to it. And thankfully for fans, we get Buddy Matthews challenging him!

Matthews gets on the mic. He didn’t just kick down the door, he’s here. TJP called himself a cruisergreat, well Matthews IS the greatest cruiserweight.

The bell sounds and the battle begins. This is indeed a wrestling match in every sense of the word as both men get down to business with their mat work and their lightining quick speed. “Buddy” chants go down.

The fight goes to the outside and Buddy is favoring his knee after it became a target of TJP. Buddy fends him off by sending him into the barricade and slamming him onto the apron. TJP turns the tables with a shotgun dropkick to the knee from up top.

Back in the ring, TJP focuses on that knee. TJP wrenches on that knee viciously. He covers for a two count. TJP locks Buddy in a figure four but Buddy tries to makes it to the ropes. Buddy rolls it over and it is TJP who grabs the ropes. More damage to Buddy’s knee is done.

Buddy fights on and fights a window of strong offense after kicking TJP up top post-dab. Sit-out powerbomb gets him a two count! Buddy counters a detonation kick and hits a curb stomp! Another near fall for him!

TJP and Buddy battle up top but TJP shoves the ref out of the way and takes a cheap shot at the leg. TJP Mamba splashes on top of it and cinches in a leg lock. Matthews has no choice but to submit.


Is more than pleased with his actions. “We’re taking over the world,” you can hear him brag.

Cesar Duran addresses the Hammerstone attack from last week. Hammerstone has not responded to his requests. Therefore, if Hammer doesn’t respond to his requests, his title will be vacated! Duran laughes manically and the camera fades

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