Von Erichs & Hammerstone vs. Holliday, Muertes, Krugger signed for April 1 in Dallas


See the Von Erichs LIVE in Dallas on April 1st!

A sinister six man signed for Dallas April 1st!

Cesar Duran has signed a huge six-man bout featuring The Von Erichs & World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday (with Alicia Atout), King Muertes & Mads Krugger for Friday, April 1 at Cesar Duran’s MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND hosted by Gilley’s in Downtown Dallas with a special 2pm matinee, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping and interactive experience.

🎟Grab your tickets at http://www.MLWLucha.com and Eventbrite.

“Seeing the Von Erichs wrestle in Dallas is a rite of passage; like seeing Elvis in Memphis, if you’re a fan of the sport, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “And what better way than a six man clash featuring some of MLW’s top ranked and most dangerous.”

For decades the Von Erichs have battled some of the most vile and violent I the sport but what happens Ross and Marshall Von Erich team-up with Hammerstone and collide with the 7′ Mads Krugger, unhinged Richard Holliday and “Man of 1,000 Deaths” King Muertes?

All bets are off when the mighty Hammerstone and Von Erichs ride into town ready to throw down in a match that promises to be an explosive brawl.

Teaming for the first-time ever with the World Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone, this trio would normally be unstoppable… if not facing Holliday and two certified monsters in the masked mercenary Krugger and a man who pushed Hammerstone to his limits in 2020 in Muertes.

Ever the schemer, does Richard Holliday have something up his sleeve? 

Find out next Friday April 1st in Dallas Cesar Duran presents MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND!

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