Intimidation Games Recap: Hammerstone vs. Fatu vs. Krugger

Intimidation is indeed the name of the game in Dallas as MLW hosts Intimidation Games (presented by! It’s a big night tonight as Alex Hammerstone defends his World Championship against two adversaries in Mads Krugger and Jacob Fatu! First, however, we head to the ring for some trios action and that includes….MICROMAN!


Microman, Aramis, and KC Navarro vs. Arez, Mini Abismo Negro and Gino Medina (with Gangrel)

KC Navarro and Arez start off the trios action with their unique set of athleticism. Gino gets tagged in and bails. It’s Microman who gets the tag, but MAN boots him down hard before mocking him. MSL is on commentary hyping Microman who finds some momentunm with his unique “chop you down to size” offense. Aramis comes in to send Medina flyin before suicide diving to the outside. Arez levels KC down in the ring before give a harsh boot to Microman in the corner. MAN and Arex double suplex Aramis. Big “Microman” chants from Dallas who gets ganged up on by Strange Sangre with a double team gutbuster. Mircoman shows his caginess as he avoids an attack from his foes. KC and Aramis get the momentum back in their favor! They hoist up Microman to the top and he leaps to the outside onto MAN! Aramis and KC follow suit!

Back in the ring, KC and MAN trade shots. MAN hits a big dropkick before a gutwrench slam and Lionsault for a near fall, but it’s Microman who breaks up the count!

He sizes up Abismo and nails a headscissors. Abismo does catch him and sets Microman up on the turnbuckle. Microman headbutts him and hits a rolling senton. He follows that up with a spinning armdrag before Microman plays interference. Gangrel grabs hold of Microman and Arez hits an intense backbreaker on Microman. 

Aramis finds the opportunity to go against his long-standing rival and shuts down Arez’s offense.

Microman soon finds his swing with an assisted tower of doom before nailing a facebuster on Arez! He then deceives his opponents on the apron with a fake-out and hits a double head scissors to Arez and Abismo.

In the ring, Gino grabs hold of Aramis’ mask and turns it to the side of his face. Gino hits a reverse TKO and gets the pinfall.

WINNERS: Microman, Aramis, and KC Navarro

Post-match, Gino Medina is clearly frustrated from still losing to Microman and rips the mask off of Aramis! Thankfully for the luchadore, he’s able to cover up at the move of utter disrespect. 

Two weeks ago, the Von Erichs donated their World Class WCWA World Championship belt to put on display in Dallas! It all begins on May 1.

New backstage correspondent David Marquez finds the World Champ Alex Hammerstone. YBH makes clear he’s firing off on a whole ‘nother level right now and is ready for his big time heavyweight Title defense.

MLW originals Los Maximos ae going to be returning to celebrate 20 years of Major League Wrestling! It all begins on May 13 in Philadelphia!

Mads Krugger is shown backstage. He recounts the moments in which he’s dominated Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu. The Black Hand seeks the World Title and to fulfill his penchant for blood. 

A masked man came into last week’s Openweight Title fight last week and took out Myron Reed. Myron isn’t pleased and the Young GOAT knows he has enemies. He’s so confident in his work that he wants to call this person out and he’s willing to put his Middleweight gold on the line against the masked assailant!

Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas run into the Tag Champs, Hustle & Power and the situation gets very intense.

Speaking of intense, 5150 is ready to continue their intensity with the Von Erichs. They’re shooting pool but they want to take a “road trip”…with that donated World Class Title!

Taya Valkyrie will be returning to MLW on May 13 in Philly in an effort to earn the inaugural Featherweight Championship.

It’s main event time, but before it happens, who comes out but Richard Holliday. The “Sole Proprietor” joins commentary. This turned out to be a poor choice as Hammerstone quickly attacks him! Atlas security restore order but that allows Fatu to leap on top of Mads and Hammer to the outside! Finally the action gets in the ring.


World Heavyweight Championship

Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

The Mercenary Monster and the Samoan Werewolf go at it, but Mads punctuates his presence with a big time spinebuster. Mads takes the flag of CONTRA and chokes Fatu with it. Hammer gets in the ring and bicycle kicks Mads down. He and Fatu look at one another and they both boot Mads down big time!

Fatu goes for a Samoan Drop after Hammer attempts a Nightmare Pendulum, but it’s Hammer who nails a belly to belly! Fatu fires back with his patented handspring moonsault for a near fall. Krugger finds the perfect moment to double chokeslam his foes. This also opens him up for a top rope tope to both Hammer and Fatu.

Krugger takes Fatu out on the outside before setting his sights on Hammerstone. He slams the champion down with a face-first chokeslam! Krugger doesn’t relent and slams Hammer’s head off the canvas repeatedly. Another slam causes Krugger to cover, but Hammerstone kicks out at one!

Hammerstone is fired up and charges Mads not once but twice into opposite corners! He powerslams Krugger down before he does the same to Fatu. Hammer is absolutely on a tear.

Krugger does catch Hammerstone up and it’s bad news for Alex as it’s an avalanche fallaway slam. Fatu takes the moment to leap on top of Krugger for a very near fall!

Shots are traded between Fatu and Krugger. As this CONTRA civil war wages, Hammerstone leaps off with a double shotgun dropkick! Hammer hits a TKO on Fatu (the same move he defeated him with), but Fatu gets a shoulder up at two.

Hammer looks to set up for a Nightmare Pendulum, but Fatu turns the tides for a Samoan Drop. Krugger comes in with a chair but Fatu smacks him with it. Fatu then has plans for that chair as he sets it up on Hammer in the corner. Fatu has another chair and turns it into a massive Van Terminator! He covers: 1-2-no!

As both Fatu and Hammer are down, Krugger comes in with his Baklei club! Hammer sees another club shot coming and Hammer cracks Krugger down under! He kicks Krugger down and then pulls out a ring board from under the apron. He brings it into the ring and props it in the corner. Krugger however, catches Hammer with his patented chokeslam neckbreaker. It’s only good for two. Hammer fights on but referee Frank Gastineau doesn’t as Mads nails him. Hammer hits Krugger and gets a clear three count on Krugger, but no one is there to make the count! In comes Holliday who nails a 2008 on Hammer! Fatu leaps off with a moonsault and covers Hammer. It’s now Hammer who is out but again, the ref is down! Fatu tries to bring Gastineau back to his senses and this allows Krugger to grab a chair. Fatu covers again, but Hammer kicks out. Fatu sees doom impending and spears Krugger through the ring board! Krugger comes to but so does Hammer. He catches Krugger with a Nightmare Pendulum! 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Champion: Alex Hammerstone

This triple threat match sure delivered on impact, but the reverberations weren’t over for the evening. Backstage we see Fatu laid out right after his main event fight. Who is standing over him? Beastia 666. Cesar Duran walks in and winks at the camera man. What does the matchmaker have planned?

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