Fusion Recap: Jacob Fatu Takes On Beastia 666 In An Apocalypto Throwdown


Jacob Fatu is all set to send Beastia 66 back down in his hole on tonight’s MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) as the league plays host to an Apocalypto match!

“I don’t give a damn what it is. It’s still goin’ down,” shouted a violent hungry Jacob Fatu as the Samoan Werewolf is ready to throw down against the Tijuana Gremlin.

Not only that, but we got some Featherweight action before the league determines the inaugural champion in the women’s division.

Cesar Duran runs into Arez backstage and he seems to be brokering a deal between his Azteca crew and the Strange Sangre.


Holidead (with Gangrel & Dr. Dax) vs. Chik Tormenta

The two fighters exchange shots, but a low dropkick lays out Holidead. “Tormenta” chants echo throughout Dallas who dives on top of Holidead and her “pet,” Dax!

Tormenta soon charges again but Holidead gets a boot up. She hits a series of avalanche splashes in the corners of the ring before hitting smooth suplex. An inverted surfboard stretch is locked in. Holidead kicks at Tormenta and stands up to gloat. She pays for it as Tormenta kicks Holidead in the gut and nails a running hurricanrana. Holidead hits a spinebuster for a two count. Dax gets knocked off his feet and Chik nails a meteroa on Holidead from up top! Two count. Tormenta goes for a no-look moonsault but Holidead moves and nails her elevated double underhook for the emphatic 1-2-3.

WINNER: Holidead

What’s next for the undefeated Holidead? She’s running through the Featherweight division. “The dark days are upon us!” 

She soon hopes to cast a dark shadow over Taya Valkyrie in the inaugural Featherweight Championship match! That historical bout will go down in Philadelphia!

We cut to Hawaii from earlier in the week and the Von Erichs are with their dad Kevin. Ross and Marshall aren’t pleased about 5150 throwing the World Class Title into a Dallas river, but their legendary father Kevin helps them to keep it in perspective. Marshall mashes a block of wood in half as the Von Erich pooch watches on!

Back from a commercial break, we see the Von Erichs in present time Dallas and so does the World Champion, Alex Hammerstone. When is Hammer gonna be Hawaii bound? Once the tanning is in prime temps!


Caribbean Championship Cyclone

King Muertes (c) vs. Octagon Jr. vs. El Dragon vs. El Hijo de LA Park (w/ El Hijo de El Hijo de LA Park)

It’s the Champion who show his dominance as he clears the ring of everyone but El Hijo who stand nose to nose. Shots are traded and then so are chops. This is some hard hitting stuff before Muertes nails a belly to belly. That sets El Hijo up for some hammer throws in the corner. Hard right hand by Muertes. Big twisting chokeslam by Muertes gets him a cover, but El Dragon makes the save.

Back elbows from Dragon set Muertes up for a hurricanrana. Octagon Jr. turns the tide in his favor with a second rope dropkick. A beautiful head scissors is executed.  El Hijo comes in to regulate and gives Octagon a hurricanrana of his own. El Hijo hits a leaping crossbody and hits a headscissors. It’s back to Muertes and El Hijo. Big powerslam by Muertes. Dragon makes another save. Octagon Jr. hits a 450 on Dragon, but it gets broken up as we go to break!

Some more menace comes in the Cyclone, but it’s Muertes who remains in control. Joe Dombrowksi wonders if Muertes is harnessing power from his skull relic, but the other fighters manage to get Muertes down for a splash courtesy of Octagon. Dragon soon gets folded up with a top rope crossbody from El Hijo and Octagon!

Muertes pulls El Hijo out of the ring, but Muertes gets sent over the barricade. Hijo has other plans as he leaps from the top rope to the outside over the barricade onto the champ!

Back in the ring. Octagon hits an avalanche flipping fallaway slam on El Dragon and lands right into the cover: 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW Caribbean Champion: Octagon Jr.

5150 is in Dallas and they think it smells like sh*t in VE Nation. Next week is a Bunkhouse Brawl and Limelight Rivera and Hernandez aim to take it to Marshall and Ross!

We get an all-access look at Calvin Tankman. He said there were plenty of sports to do in Indiana but wrestling was in his heart. He remembers watching WCW and he just knew that wrestling was his calling. He loves it more than anything with the exception of his child.


Apocalypto Match

Beastia 666 vs. Jacob Fatu

Fatu is ready for a fight, but Beastia uses his speed to his advantage and nails a rana. Fatu topes onto Beastia on the outside. In Apocalypto form, the fight goes down on the outside until Fatu sends Beastia in the ring for a top rope crossbody. He gets a two count.

“Who’s the motherf***ing man?” Asks Fatu. He kicks at a camera man before going to the outside and grabbing a few chairs.

Back in the ring, Fatu trades shots with the Tijuana Gremlin, but it’s Jacob who nails a powerslam. A near fall sends us to commercial.

Back from it, Fatu hoists Beastia up, but the latter turns it into a tornado DDT. Beastia sets up a chair in the corner and goes for a running DDT but Fatu blocks it. He tries to nail a Samoan Drop, but Beastia turns it into a crucifix bomb for a near fall. He follows that up with a muscle buster DVD combo but that or a corner chair still doesn’t keep the Samoan Werewolf down.

Fatu fights on and gets a near fall of his own. Beastia hits a destroyer on Fatu for another close one, but yet again, Fatu kicks out. Beastia finds a ring board. Matters may be getting out of hand. Beastia jabs the edge of chair into the ribs of Fatu before setting the board on the chairs for a bridge. This fires back as Fatu pops him up for a Samoan Drop right through it! Fatu drags Beastia in position for his moonsault and it’s all arithmetic after that: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

Cesar Duran closes the show out with a rushed press conference. He calls the media pigs before introducing Richard Holliday. “The time has finally come,” says the Sole Proprietor, but he gets interrupted by Hammerstone. Alicia Atout throws a glass of water in Hammerstone’s face and he immediately goes for Holliday, but it’s Duran who gets caught in the crossfire and is laid out!

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