Calvin Tankman enters the Battle Riot

Will the Heavyweight Hustle outlast 39 other wrestlers? Find out in NYC June 23

Major League Wrestling today announced Calvin Tankman as a participant in the 40-wrestler Battle Riot as MLW returns to New York City’s Melrose Ballroom on June 23, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping.

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One-half of the World Tag Team Championship duo of Hustle & Power promises to rampage through the fourth Battle Riot and win it by any means. 

Blending speed, power and a low center of gravity with uncanny endurance, Tankman will be a challenge for anyone to eliminate in the Battle Riot. 

Determined to steamroll over the Bomaye Fight Club and anyone that stands in his way of pursuing becoming a double champion, Tankman is one to watch in this year’s Riot. 

But in order to do the unthinkable and be a double champ one day, the “Heavyweight Hustle” will need to outlast, outsmart and outfight 39 others and win the Battle Riot to secure a title shot anytime, anywhere against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Will Tankman be the last man standing as a heap of 39 other wrestlers stand on the outside looking in at Calvin Tankman victorious? Find out LIVE in New York City on June 23 at MLW Battle Riot IV!

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