Stream FUSION: Von Hammers vs Muertes, Krugger, Holliday | Mexican Strap Match | Octagon Jr vs. Matt Cross

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  • Von Hammers vs. Richard Holliday, Mads Krugger & King Muertes
  • Caribbean Championship: Octagon Jr vs. Matt Cross
  • Mexican Strap Match: Aramis vs. Gino Medina

The World Heavyweight Champion. The Sons of Thunder. For the first time ever, World Alex Hammerstone joins forces with Ross and Marshall Von Erich to take on Cesar Duran’s hand picked trio of Richard Holliday, Mads Krugger and King Muertes.

Making a deal with the ruthless Duran, the masked mercenary Mads Krugger has provided his services in exchange for a favor. What is that favor? We may just found out tonight.

Can the Von Hammers send a blazing thunderbolt through three of the league’s most dangerous? Tune in and find out!

“Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu kicks it on the streets and introduces the big Tongan, Juicy Finau. 

Four months after being sidelined, Aramis returns to the league to settle the score with the man who took him out of action, Gino Medina …. in an MLW first: the Mexican Strap match! The ring will be surrounded by wrestlers with unforgiving leather straps. What happens when Aramis or “El Intocable” fall out of the ring? VIOLENCE!

“The Golden Assassin” Octagon Jr puts his fighting fury on full display as he defends the Caribbean Championship against the hybrid arsenal of Matt Cross.

Taya Valkyrie is in the house! 

National Openweight champ Alex Kane and Mr Thomas dish on rumors of new blood joining The Bomaye Fight Club in the near future. Is Bomaye in full recruitment mode?

Join Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski as MLW presents Rise of the Renegades.

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