Rise Of The Renegades Recap: Von Hammers vs. Mads Krugger, Richard Holliday & King Muertes


It’s Rise of the Renegades 2022 (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) and it starts off with a literal blood feud as Gino Medina faces Aramis in a Mexican Strap Match!


Mexican Strap Match

Gino Medina vs. Aramis

Aramis wastes no time in getting to business as he leaps in with an attack to Medina. Medina tumbles to the outside and the straps come into play! Aramis has no regard for his own well-being and topes outside to add further offense. He gets strapped too!

Both men get back in the ring and Aramis climbs up top for aerial assault, but Gino gives him a shove to the outside and Aramis has to turn it into an attack to the MLW strappers outside!

Gino makes it a gameplan to keep putting Aramis in peril on the outside before trying to wear him down in the ring, but Aramis stays adamant with his speedy offense.

Aramis once more goes to the top, but longtime rival Arez gets on the apron and shoves Aramis back into the ring.

El Dragon pops up on the apron to even the odds. Aramis gets a few shots in with an errant strap but Gino swings Aramis’ own momentum into a victory roll. He grabs a massive handful of tights and it helps Gino secure the tainted victory.

WINNER: Gino Medina

Post-fight, Gino tells Rich Bocchini to shut his mouth. He says the people in Dallas are here to see him tonight. Aramis attacks him and the fight goes back in the ring! However, Gino gets dirty and low blows Aramis! He then rips off the luchador’s mask! Thankfully, Aramis covers his face up until Matt Cross runs down to throw a towel over his face.

Tonight, it’s the debut of the Von Hammers as Alex Hammerstone and the Von Erichs take on King Muertes, Mads Krugger and Richard Holliday. Hammer says he feels bad that the von Erichs got dragged into this mess with Duran, but Marshall states they haven’t appreciated Duran’s sleazebag ways from the beginning they’re happy to help.

We cut to Richard Holliday who is all ready to take some digs at the Von Erichs before stating he knows Hammerstone’s fear and troubles against his partners tonight. And as for the Dynasty…”It was always ME.”

A disgusting update regarding Medina and Aramis: Cesar Duran gave Medina an added monetary bonus for his actions after the match (sleazebag ways indeed!)

It’s official: next week the inaugural MLW World Featherweight Champion will be determined as Holidead will take on Taya Valkyrie in singles competition. Who will become the first-ever Featherweight Champ?


The Caribbean Championship

Matt Cross vs. Octagon Jr.

The bell sounds and the two fighters circle the ring. Cross and Octagon both battle over arm wrench supremacy before it gets to the ground game. The two men trip one another up before kipping up to a stalemate!

The two shake hands and the Dallas crowd applauds. A shoulder tackle downs Cross and Octagon follows up with an armdrag from up top! Octagon climbs up top for a moonsault to the outside and we go to break!

Back from it, Octagon gets Cross back in the ring for a cover and a two count. Octagon corners Cross for a kick and he delivers a knee to the back for a surfboard stretch.

Cross slams Octagon down for a leaping elbow. Cross covers and gets a near fall. He decides to take Octagon around the ring for some corner head smashes that riles up the Dallas crowd. Cross covers, but again onle gets a count for two.

Octagon catches Cross with a kick from the apron and he follows that up with a twisting springboard senton. Two count.

The two men find themselves battling it out up top. Cross gets the better of that exchange and leaps off with a double stomp to the back. Cross gets another pin attempt but the champ kicks out.

Cross goes up top once more and signals for his signature shooting star. Octagon scouts it for an avalanche hurricanrana. Cross sees the momentum shift and pulls a Cross cutter out of nowhere!

He covers for a two count but is swift to follow up with a shooting star attempt. Octagon rolls out of harm’s way, Cross plants his feet but Octagon catches him with his package piledriver. He covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL Caribbean Champion: Octagon Jr.

We cut backstage to a very angry Duran who sees Microman having a snack. He makes clear that he plans to get retribution for Microman’s actions against his adversaries. Speaking of adversaries, in comes Strange Sangre and Holidead isn’t against having a “strange sacrifice” before her Featherweight Title shot. Who enters from behind but her challenger Taya Valkyrie and Lince Dorado. They make it pretty evident that nothing is going to happen to Microman at this moment. Microman found some friends in high places.

KC Navarro got the grudge match win against Real1 last week and is shown to be feeling his stride when he pops in to see World Middleweight Champ, Myron Reed. He starts talking about that victory when Reed stops him mid sentence to make clear if he wants a title shot, just ask. KC, confident as can be, says he aims to help Reed “cut a little weight” and pats the Middleweight gold before walking off.

As for Real1, it looks like he didn’t find himself on the right side of the street with the Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu after brushing past him backstage.

We cut to Mads Krugger. A bargain has been made between he and Cesar Duran. He will handle Hammer and the Von Erichs tonight. In exchange, he’ll finally get his hands on Jacob Fatu.

Tick tock. Killer Kross is coming back to MLW, but this time with Scarlett Boudreaux.

Fatu sure may have some enemies in Mads Krugger and Real1, but the former World Champ as family as we see him hanging out with Juicy Finau outside of the arena. He’s sure got some backup.

Sure enough, Krugger gets Jacob Fatu in one final battle with a Weapons of Mass Destruction match! This takes place in two weeks time.

We catch Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas stepping out of a car and making note that the BOMAYE Fight Club is expanding and people should be on the lookout.

It’s main event time.


King Muertes, Mads Krugger & Richard Holliday vs. Alex Hammerstone & The Von Erichs

The fight starts and the Dallas crowd is all behind the Von Erichs as Marshall locks up with Holliday. Rich tries to wear Marshall down with a side headlock, but MVE fights him off and soon connects with one beauty of a dropkick. Tag to his brother Ross and Krugger gets the tag from a jaw-sore Rich. The Von Erichs take the opportunity to take out Krugger. They trip him from up top and cover, but it’s only a two count. Krugger levels them both with a double lariat before setting his sights on the legal man, Ross Von Erich.

The ring gets cut off for Ross as Muertes makes sure to assault the older Von Erich brother. Ross gets a boot up in the corner, but a chokeslam downs Ross once more. Two count. Muertes mandhandles Ross back into his corner and his partners viciously administer some savage violence. Hammerstone comes in to regulate and order soon gets restored.

It’s Holliday’s turn to attack as he stomps away at Ross. As this goes on, we get word that Cesar Duran’s office has been broken into. Ross gets his shot off offense in and it allows him to tag in YBH! He takes everyone out before seeing Holliday on the apron. He swings Rich in and begins taking it to his former Dynasty member. Hammerstone goes for the Nightmare Pendulum, but Muertes attacks from behind.

That doesn’t provide to be beneficial for Muertes as the champ catches him with a Pendulum! Hammerstone covers, but Alicia Atout hops on the apron and tosses a heel to Holliday! He hits Hammer with the hard end of the heel and connects with a 2008. He gets the cover and the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Richard Holliday, Mads Krugger and King Muertes

You know Holliday isn’t going to let Hammerstone (or anyone) live this loss down.

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