Fusion Recap: Jacob Fatu vs Mads Krugger | Weapons of Mass Destruction


Tonight on MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) it’s the final showdown as Mads Krugger wants to drag Jacob Fatu down to hell in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match!

Myron Reed is in action tonight as he puts his Middleweight Title on the line and Davey Richards shows his support for the champ.


World Middleweight Championship

Arez vs. KC Navarro vs. Myron Reed (c)

If you factor in all of Reed’s three title reigns, he’s held the Middleweight gold for a near 700 days, but he’s got a tall order ahead of him and that’s shown early on with his two opponents. KC Navarro and Arez force Reed to the outside, but the two do the same to each other  as KC topes to Arez!

Reed takes his offense to Navarro, but Arez pulls the Young GOAT off the apron! Reed makes Arez pay with a big dive over the top and KC follows that up with his own aerial offense.

Navarro just nearly gets the W with a powerbomb to Arez in the middle of the ring, but Myron stops that.

Soon after, Arez and KC trade shots until Arez  ties KC into the apron. The King of Strangle Style does his springboard drop.  Myron soon sees a window and hts a 450 on both foes, but both men kick out after Myron covers.

The action continues and KC hits the Jesus Piece on Arez! Reed catches him with a Flame On cutter and then hits the Cap’n Crunch White Noise. 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

Post-fight, Reed credits Davey Richards for the great training session down in St. Louis and play-by-play an Rich Bocchini asks him if there’s an interest in making a dream match and facing Richards.

We see Mads Krugger and he promises the destruction of Jacob Fatu.

We see a press conference for the BOMAYE Fight Club. Alex Kane wants to make history with the champ being in a historic wrestling city like Philadelphia. Mr. Thomas pitches $20,000 to hang 20 minutes with the National Openweight Champion. BOMAYE’s backer can handle the finances and the champ is all game for it.


Los Maximos vs. Chris Cage & Jake Ballow

THis is the homecoming match for MLW Originals in the Maximos and the veterans haven’t missed a beat. EJ Nduka joined commentary, but only briefly as we see Tankman was attacked backstage. The Judge jolts out at Joel and Jose show their original offense by nailing a Washing Machine on Cage and hitting their notorious Spanish Fly on Ballow for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Los Maximos

Jose and Joel speak with Bocchini after and they make it clear they want their shot at Hustle & Power.

We see Cesar Duran backstage with Strange Sangre and he’s up to no good. He wants the group to face Microman next week, but now, he wants to handle “The Samoans” first.

It’s official: July 14 will be the World Championship Title match between Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone. We see the champ. He’s not trying to prove anything but lets Holliday know he’s not going to like what he’s going to get.

Duran makes quick work of scheduling the fight for Microman. It will be Taya Valkyrie, Lince Dorado and Microman vs. Strange Sangre!

It’s main event time.


Weapons of Mass Destruction Match

Mad Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

Fatu wastes no time as he immediately launches a chair into the skull of Mads!

Philly is on fire for Fatu as he cracks Mads with another shot before grabbing hold of a kendo stick. Mads sees some night sticks and tries to utilize a chain, but Fatu finds (and makes) his groove with a chair.

Fatu soon grabs hold of a table and sets it right at ringside, but Krugger throws some white powder substance in the face of Fatu and then powerbombs Fatu through the table on the apron!

Krugger even gets more sadistic as he presents a can of gasoline and a lighter! Fatu fights on but the momentum really shifts when Mads hits him hard with his signature club. Krugger drapes a CONTRA flag over Fatu and pours the gasoline on him. That wakes Fatu up and he kips up to send Krugger to the outside! The war wages on as both men exchange suplexes in the ring, but it’s Fatu who nails his alley-Uce Samoan Drop!

Krugger shows his meddle by nailing a Canadian Destroyer from up top! Both men don’t know their limitations as Fatu ascends to catch Krugger with a moonsault up top, but Mads has enough wherewithal to get out of the ring.

That might not be beneficial and Fatu gets Krugger on a stretcher. He presents barbed wire and shoves it onto Krugger! Fatu climbs up top for a Samoan Splash and he nails it onto Mads!

Fatu gets Mads back in the ring for a cover: 1-2-no! Mads gets Fatu in a triangle choke, but Fatu turns it into a pin attempt. Fatu spinebusters Fatu down! Suddenly old members of the Sentai Death Squad come out at Krugger sets up a ladder! This is a three-on-one fight!

The Death squad are literally taking a part the ring as Fatu tries to fight them off. This allows Krugger to catch Fatu with a harsh lariat. The ropes are loosened and it looks like the Death Squad’s intentions were to remove Fatu’s moonsault out of the equation. Krugger drags the table to the corner and then drags Fatu over, but Fatu fights him and cracks him with a chair. MAds falls through the table and Fatu climbs the 10-foot ladder to hit a Samoan Splash! He covers 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu

Fatu has mastered the art of war and Fatu survives! He’s the last men standing in this war! But Krugger isn’t down either. He pops right back up and fights Fatu on the outside but a crate at ringside has hazardous material and Mads gets shoved face-first inside of it! Fatu removes the mask of Mads and the hazmat team comes out to check on the mercenary! 

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