Ad Sales / Sponsorships

MLW is seeking a savvy, hands-on, accomplished leader to manage MLW’s sponsorship sales with the goal of driving significant new business revenue. This role will focus on traditional and non-traditional prospecting to target regional and national companies through strategic analysis, market trends, partner contacts, and company/industry relationships.

Proven track record of successfully sponsorship deals a key qualification.

Key Responsibilities:
• Oversee the team in developing a pipeline of qualified sponsorship and media prospects large enough to meet or exceed financial goals
• Understand clients’ marketing needs and business models in order to expedite sales cycles
• Understand MLW capabilities and accurately articulate  MLW value sponsorship and media propositions
• Communicate industry opportunities to management and help facilitate conversations and initiatives designed to best position MLW for success
• Maintain a keen focus on identifying client challenges and translating them into opportunities to sell MLW partnerships and media solutions.
• Identify and cultivate new revenue opportunities with category focus
• Manage client relationships from initial pitch through transition/onboarding, onto long-term engagements of ongoing strategic management and leadership
• Creatively explore upsell/leverage opportunities with existing sponsorship and media partners

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