Fusion Recap: Hammerstone Battles Bandido In World Title Fight


The wrestling world is wondering what was the motive behind EJ Nduka’s attack on Alex Hammerstone last week after the World Heavyweight Champion offered him a title shot and we’re sure to hear from The Judge tonight. However, first, we have some international Featherweight action!

Lady Shani vs. Lady Flammer vs La Hierda vs. Reina Dorada

The Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie joins Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini as Lady Flammer cops some attitude with the champ as she makes her way to the ring. La Hierda offers the same sentinments to La Wera Loca.

A confrontation between Flammer and Hierda cause he two to duke it out. There’s some even some stereo topes!

The fight goes on throughout the commercial break as Hierda comes of the top with a shotgun dropkick. Dorada breaks up the pin and gets a kick to the head of Hierda. Flammer breaks it up this time.

We soon see some pendulum holds between Hierda and Shani. All four women find themselves down on the canvas.

Next up we see some stereo Muta locks but it doesn’t get anyone to tap. However, the tides drastically turn when a double superplex is doled out by Shani and Hierda. While those two are laid out, Flammer comes off the top with a diving splash and she ges the 1-2-3! New number one contender!

WINNER: Lady Flammer

Post-match, Flammer makes it clear there is no sportswomanship between her and Valkyrie as a brawl breaks out!

We are poolside with the Samoan SWAT Team as we see there’s interest in a pursuit for Tag Team Gold.

Someone who is definitely after gold is EJ Nduka. He makes it clear that he doesn’t need any validation, especially from Hammerstone. Soon enough, he’s going to hold both his Tag Title up and Hammer’s World Title.

We catch up with Mance Warner who is on the phone by a dumpster. According to Mance, he’s on the phone with Mads Krugger. He’s still adamant that Krugger is Doc Gallows, but that’s absolutely not confirmed.

We cut to Myron Reed who is ready to defend his World Middleweight Title against Dragon Gate’s Shun Skywalker.

Suddenly, we are cut backstage to see that Killer Kross has been the next victim of the mysterious attacker who sure enough, leaves a calling card. Unfortunately, his fight is off as it’s reported that Kross is headed to the hospital!

Alex Kane is in the parking lot and he denies that he ever was defeated by Davey Richards. He knows that everyone’s been curious of the whereabouts of the Opera Cup, and lo and behold – it’s the Suplex Assassin who has had it all along!

Speaking of the Opera Cup, the 2019 Opera Cup Champion, Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be making his return to MLW soon!

Now, it’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Bandido vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Tim Barr makes the official introductions as Frank Gastineau officiates. It’s clear from the introductions that Bandido has the hometown advantage. Hammerstone, however, despite his brutal battle last week, appears ready to go. The two shake hands and we’re off to the races. Athleticism of both men are shown but the power of Hammerstone downs Bandido with a big hip toss.

The crowd rallies behind Bandido who trips up Hammer before delivering a hurricanrana! Bandido goes for a tope, but an elbow from Hammer stops all that!

Hammer gets Bandido back on the canvas and covers, but the luchador kicks out. Hammer delivers a rib breaker.

Bandido finds himself in the corner but Bandido turns it in his favor with a twirling cross body!

Bandido takes the battle to the outside and sends Hammer into the guardrail. He gets him back in the ring and covers, but only for a one count.

Bandido ascends up top but Hammer throws him and soon sends him for several belly to belly underhooks! That turns into a gorilla press before Hammer transitions it into a uranage!

The 5’7″ Bandido returns the favor and presses Hammerstone!

Bandido goes for the kill up top but Hammer grabs hold and hits a back elbow! Hammer hoists Bandido up for an innovative twirling gordbuster into a pin: 1-2-no!

Hammer may have been going for a Nightmare Pendulum, but Bandido slips free and gets Hammer into a pendulum Boston crab. Hammer counters, but Bandido pops him up for a cutter. That’s a very near fall for Bandido!

Hammer and Bandido fight one another to their feet. The two continue to slug it out. Bandido soon catches Hammer in a victory roll, but Hammer hits him with a gut buster. Hammer then nails a Burning Hammer and it’s so close for a 1-2-3 for Hammer!

Hammer sets up for the Nightmare Pendulum once more, but Bandido knees himself free. Bandido manages to suplex the heck out of Hammer and he turns it into the Three Amigos. Bandido ascends and hits a frog splash! 1-2-no!

Bandido connects with his devastating 21-plex but whether it was momentum or wherewithal, Hammer is down on the outside!

Bandido gets him back in the ring, but it sets Hammer up for several pin attempts. Hammer picks Bandido up off the mat and slams Bandido down. He then nails Bandido with a Nightmare Pendulum and covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Post-match, Hammerstone shows Bandido great respect by helping his opponent up and raising his arm. Bandido grabs the mic and says Hammerstoen deserves the win. The whole crowd joins Bandido in singing YBH well wishes as the Wold Champ soaks it all in with gratitude!

Bocchini catches up with Hammerstone at ringside and the champ gives big credit to Bandido and the crowd before EJ Nduka comes in for another surprise attack!

As this goes on, we see several fighters laid out in a stairwell including Mr. Thomas, Myron Reed, Gangrel and Los Maximos. This clearly spooks Cesar Duran who prompts his henchman and he to hightail it out of the arena!

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