Fusion Recap: Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Flammer For Featherweight Gold


It’s the final week of Super Series and Ol’ Mance Warner is ready to roll against the “Monster Mercenary” Mads Krugger in a tables match!

It’s Warner’s first singles match in three years for MLW and the fight starts off on the outside!

Tables Match
Mance Warner vs. Mads Krugger

The two men battle in the crowd and Man cer is realizing that nothing is phasing Mads. Krugger slams Warner into the ring post and dizzies the Bucksnort Brawler as we head to break!

Back from it, Warner is bleeding badly as Krugger continues his assault. Matters get much worse for Warner as Mads drives a screwdriver into Mance’s skull!

The fight finally gets to the ring and Warner attempts to level Mads with a steel chair, but yet again, Mads is unphased!

Mads powerslams him onto a chair and then charges at Mancer who moves which sends Mads crashing through a door in the corner! Mancer grabs half of that door and cracks Mads with it over the head, but Krugger charges once more and spears Mancer through the opposite door in the corner!

The body of Warner must be well-calloused as he’s back up to fight Krugger on the apron and dumps him off and through a table at ringside!

WINNER: Mance Warner

Warner grabs hold of the mic (with light beer in hand). He has a hunch that he’ll run into Krugger again but tonight he’s gonna pound some light beers with the fans (but a chocolate milk for the kids!)

Christmas is this week and Microman seems to be feeling charitable as he and MSL are taking benevolent donations (well, maybe) outside of the arena until the two get the boot! Microman however, knows how to keep the party going as he finds some friendship with SST at the local bar!

Taya Valkyrie has been dominating the world of lucha libre and people have been trying to run her out of the sport, but she doesn’t have any plans to have that happen against Lady Flammer!

Peach State Prize Fight
Alex Kane vs. D3

As Kane makes his way to the ring, we cut to an inset video of Kane revealing that not only has he stole his Opera Cup, but his “Team Ambition” jacket!

In the ring, Kane opens his challenge up as Myron Reed joins commentary with The Opera Cup next to him.

D3 starts off with a dropkick but Kane’s trip to “Suplex Island” begins with one in the corner and then another back to the center of the canvas. A capture suplex is number three.

Per stipulation, D3 is supposed to last five minutes but instead he’s taken five suplexes, culminating with Kane’s Mark of Kane finisher. 1-2-3

WINNER: Alex Kane

Kane gets back on the mic and wants more from another challenger. Out charges Davey Richards as Kane’s Fight Club holds him back! Reed dives over everyone into Richards as the attack on The Wolf continues! the have Davey down in the ring as Reed and Kane hold HIS trophy above him!

Something Reed doesn’t have anymore is his World Middleweight Title. That now belongs to Shun Skywalker who is ready to defend his gold in Philadelphia.

EJ Nduka has been absolutely dominant since he’s made his way to MLW. The Judge reminds Hammerstone how often he has had the champion’s back. He had to take matters into his own hands. The Titan is comming for The Hammer.

We cut to Hammerstone after a commercial break. He’s glad he went through that stage because it reminds him why they keep fighting in pro wrestling. He’s been rocked so hard in the past and he questions why he keeps doing this. He knows this is what he does and this is what keeps him up at night. What is this for EJ? He thinks it’s his quick way of being a superstar. What Hammer feels is that EJ has been good at so many things in sports, but he’s reached the top to none of them. God has given THe Judge a lot of talents, but one thing he left out was passion. Once Hammer makes The Judge realize that he’s gonna have to find another sport he’s a superstar at.

We do have breaking news regarding that match as it will take place on January 5, the first Fusion of 2023!

It’s main event time.

World Featherweight Championship
Lady Flammer vs. Taya Valkyrie (c)

The official introductions are made by Timothy Barr and each competitor’s national anthems are played before the bell sounds.

The fight starts off with speed as Flammer hits Taya with a hurricanrana and Taya responds with an armdrag. We cut to a quick break!

Back from it, the women brawl it out on the outside and the two do manage to take their fight back to the canvas.

Flammer keeps the champ ground before she digs her feet into the throat of Valkyrie. The 22-year-old Flammer tries to continue her gameplan, but Valkyrie gets her in the electric chair and drops her onto the turnbuckle!

Taya kicks away at Flammer before setting up with a lariat and a blue thunder bomb: 1-2-no!

Flammer once more gets Taya in the corner and shotgun dropkicks her in the corner. Taya soon turns the tide with a spear and gets another near fall!

The two women find themselves up top but the veteran Valkyrie gets the better of it with a sit-out powerbomb for a pin attempt!

Flammer however, shows her gumption and nails Taya with a Canadian Destroyer.

That soon fires Taya up as she hits Flammer with some forearms before hoisting Flammer up for her Road to Valhalla and it secures Taya the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie

La Wera Loca still reigns supreme in MLW!

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