Natural Vibes vs. FBI for DRAGONGATE belts Feb 4 in Philly

Kzy & Big Boss Shimizu vs. Little Guido & Ray Jaz! Forgettaboutit!

Major League Wrestling today announced a DRAGONGATE Twin Gate Championship match: champions Natural Vibes (Kzy & Big Boss Shimizu) vs. The FBI at MLW SuperFight’23 on Saturday, February 4 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

🎟 Tickets start at $15 at and the 2300 Arena box office. 

FBI capo Little Guido has strong-armed league officials into an inter-promotional championship bout as Guido and his cousin Ray Jaz, collectively known as the Full Blooded Italians, battle the DRAGONGATE Twin Gate Champions Natural Vibes for their belts!

With 2 reigns as an ECW World Tag Team Champion and background fighting in the UWFi, Guido is tough as nails and knows a thing or two about extreme environments.

Now the technical Italiano and his cousin, an accomplished amateur, Ray Jaz, a decorated NCAA All-American wrestler, look to get the respect they demand by taking the DRAGONGATE’s tag team titles (known as the Open The Twin Gate Championship) at SuperFight.

However, to do so, they’ll have to outwrestle two of the best in tag team wrestling in Natural Vibes.

Consisting of Kzy and Big Boss Shimizu, Natural Vibes popped up on the MLW video wall at Blood & Thunder revealing they will be making their MLW debut February 4th in grand fashion with a title defense.

Getting crowds hyped with Kzy’s rapping and the Natural Vibes’ popular dancing en route to the ring, Natural Vibes may be the most popular unit in DRAGONGATE today. Upbeat, confident, and oozing success, it’s hard to deny the excellence of Natural Vibes.

Rapping in Japanese to the ring, Kzy (pronounced as “kay-zee”), Kzy shows his love for hip hop in everything he does. While entertaining, Kzy is a threat on the ground with moves like the Ganjigarame (Arm trap cobra clutch) as well as in the air, with his brilliant frog splash.

Considered the leader of Natural Vibes, Kzy, is the veteran of the team, having debuted in 2006 and known for his leadership, making him the perfect counter for the outrageousness of Big Boss Shimizu.

Once a protégé of CIMA, powerhouse wrestler Big Boss is the heavy hitter for the Natural Vibes faction. Anchoring a staggering six championship teams in DRAGONGATE, Big Boss is a signature tag team competitor. Look for Big Boss to unleash destruction as he hopes to deploy his marquee Shotput Slam (variation of a running chokeslam) or Big Boss Bomb on the FBI February 4th.

While known for his devastation, Big Boss has a fun side, known for his humor and multi-colored hair. With their goal of one day being champions and fighting around the world, now their dream is realized as they defend `their tag team champion stateside in MLW for the first-time ever.

Will the FBI bring gold back to the familia or will the Natural Vibes make history and successfully defend their DRAGONGATE Twin Gate Championship?

Find out LIVE Saturday night, February 4th at MLW SuperFight’23 in Philadelphia!

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