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The card:

  • World Women’s Featherweight Championship: Taya Valkyrie (champion) vs Trish Adora
  • Sam Adonis vs. Johnny Patch
  • DRAGONGATE’s YAMATO in action!

AZTECA Lucha’s seemingly unstoppable World Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie puts the gold on the line against military veteran and fast rising featherweight contender Trish Adora! 

Can Trish turn the division on its axis and unseat Cesar Duran’s prized luchadora, or will Taya Valkyrie knock off another top ranked featherweight and bring home the gold to AZTECA? Tune in and find out!

Richard Holliday speaks exclusively! TONIGHT.

Jacob Fatu and the Samoan SWAT Team lay down the gauntlet on World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone and the rest of the MLW roster as they look to zero in on championship gold in the near future.

“El Rudo De Las Chicas” Sam Adonis makes his MLW debut!

MLW camera’s travel to Japan as the record breaking 5-time Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO competes in a DRAGONGATE ring. 

Alex Kane drops big plans for 2023, but a vindictive Davey Boy Smith Jr and his cousins The Billington Bulldogs have quite the ultimatum for the disrespectful BOMAYE Fight Club captain and his team.

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