Fusion Recap: Trish Adora Challenges Taya Valkyrie For World Featherweight Title


Cesar Duran wastes no time in staking his claim for power this week in MLW Fusion as he comes out to demean the Philadelphia crowd. He disparages the Phillies’ Bryce Harper before revealing he’s recruited a man that MLW has to pay him a lot of money to get on the program. However, just this once, he’ll give a bit of a tease of this man’s talents. He introduces Sam Adonis.

Sam Adonis (with Cesar Duran) vs. Johnny Patch

The smaller Patch tries to leverage his stature with a backslide pin attempt, but Adonis has nothing of it. It only takes Adonis a few minutes after executing a rip chord lariat, a springboard blockbuster and then finishes him off with a fire thunder driver.

WINNER: Sam Adonis

Post-match, Adonis tells Philly to shut its mouth. He says he spent five years in Mexico without a mask. He says questions are a burden for others while answers are a prison for yourself.

Returning to MLW is “The Man Of The Hour,” Lio Rush!

Were just under two weeks away from the big World Title fight between Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka which will take place on Reelz! MLW Underground begins on February 7 at 10 PM EST!

We see Alex Kane who says 2023 is gonna be a big year for him. First he’ll take out The Bulldogs, then he’ll rename the Opera Cup the “Oprah Cup” before he wins the next Battle Riot and defeats Hammerstone for the World Title. Big plans indeed! 

Speaking of The Bulldogs, a cameraman catches up with Davey Boy Jr. who is with Mark and Tom Billington. He says Kane can name the Cup whatever he wants, but he’s going to inflict some punishment on the canvas. He says he’s gonna flat out hurt the “Suplex Assassin.”

Dream Gate Championship
Yamato vs. Shun Skywalker (c)

We head over to Japan to witness these two Dragon Gate competitors to face off. Shun is fresh off the defeat to Lince Dorado, who is now the new MLW World Middleweight Champion, but Skywalker seeks to successfully defend his Dream Gate gold back overseas.

After official introductions are made, the two fighters lock up and Yamato downs Shun with a shoulder block. That doesn’t slow either competitor down and Yamato kicks Shun to the floor.

The challenger follows him and drags Shun up the ramp. Yamato  aims to execute a brainbuster and after a mighty struggle, it’s Shun who does it to Yamato!

The former Middleweight Champ is not done as he backs up and charges, but Yamato flings him over with an exploder suplex!

The two men fight a bit more on the floor before getting back on the apron. Yamato aims for a suplex on the apron but Shun fights back and Shun nails a double underhook falcon arrow on his challenger.

It’s only five minutes into the match and both man have taken a lot of damage! Shun hits a standing moonsault in the ring to further establish control. The two talk trash to one another before exchanging hard strikes as the crowd applauds. Yamato hits a low dropkick to down Shun.

Yamato hits two calf kicks in the corner as he climbs up top to hit a missile dropkick! 1-2-no!

Shun hits a flurry of strikes before hitting a Snake-like DDT. Yamato continues to block Shun’s offense and reverses one of Shun’s slams into a reverse sleeper!

Shun shows his strength by carrying Yamato to the corner climbs up top and falls backward. He hits Yamato with two knee drops and then climbs up to for a high moonsault! 1-2-kickout!

Shun continues with strikes before hitting bicycle kick for good measure,

Yamato turns the tide with driver, but it’s not long before Shun hits one of his own! Both men are down!

Skywalker gets to his feet first and the two trade strikes once more. Yamato attempts a frankensteiner, but Shun shows strength once again and power bombs him down.

Yamato goes for a sleeper once again and Shun turns it into two German Duplex, Skywalker goes for an SSW but Yamato counters and has yet another body scissors sleeper locked in!

Shun soon escapes and nails his SSW! There’s hesitation and it costs him as Yamato kicks out just before three!

Desperation begins as Shun nails head butts to Yamato. Strikes are further exchanged. Both men hit strong lariats. Yamato hits a Galeria: 1-2- no! Yamatohits a Ragnarok: 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW Dream Gate Champion: Yamato

We see Richard Holliday. He speaks candidly with the MLW audience. He says in September of 2022 that he was diagnosed with cancer in the form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He never thought that it would happen to him, but it’s not the news that you get as a person, but how you react to it. He’s been getting chemotherapy, but is also training five to six days a week. He’s been doing better each and every day, and doesn’t know when he’ll get back in the ring. This is by no means a goodbye or a see you later, it’s a see you soon. When you breath rarefied air, you fight.

Adonis is not about games with Microman who puts a trash can on the mini competitor. Thankfully the Middleweight Champ Dorado comes in to make sure he wards the bully off.

We catch up with the Salmon SWAT Team. Like family, there’s some ball-busting going down as they amp one each other up as all three seek gold. Lance Anoa’i says it doesn’t matter who gets it first because soon they’ll be covered in it.

It’s main event time.

World Featherweight Championship
Trish Adora vs. Taya Valkyrie

The war-tested Adora looks ready for the big name fight as Taya Valkyrie shows her new allegiance off by coming out with Cesar Duran.

The two women circle one another and lock up. Adora hias the wrist, but it’s not long before that goes to the ground. Trish has the better of it and does some push-ups for some gainsmanship. Trish continues to keep that momentum and throws Taya over with a headlock takedown before we cut to break.

Back in the ring, Adora nails several splashes and then a hip attack. She covers: 1-2-no.

Taya trash Trish down and stomps her down viciously. The ref counts, and Trish gets up. Trish executes more splashes and then release duplexes the champ. Taya nails a lariat. Trish gets control and hits a backbreaker. Trish quickly follows up with a bridging duplex: 1-2-no.

Strikes are exchanged as Duran watches on, but not long as Cesar trips up Trish! Despite that, Adora still catches a charging Valkyrie and Duran trips her again! Taya falls on top: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL World Featherweight Champion: Taya Valkyrie

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