Underground Recap: Hennigan Hunts Davey Richards For National Openweight Gold


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Alex Kane kicks things off with his BOMAYE Fight Club and continues to make clear that he doesn’t give a damn about the legacy of The Opera Cup nor The British Bulldogs. Well, “All Hail The Queen” as Davey Boy Smith Jr. and The Billington Bulldogs come out to brawl with BOMAYE. Davey Boy makes Kane pay with a hard right elbow and Kane’s eyes roll in the back of his head! What a way to start episode four!

A lot of in-ring debuts for “MLW Underground” take place tonight as we are set to see Billie Starks, Kayla Kassidy and John Hennigan all step foot on the canvas for the first time, but we’re kicking it off with unparalleled Microman!

Delirious & Mini Abismo Negro vs. Lince Dorado & Microman (with Mister Saint Laurent

Philly is electric for Microman as it’s Dorado who starts it off with Delirious. The World Middleweight Champ shows his “cat-like” abilities against the long-time veteran, before tagging in Microman, who squares up against Mini Abismo Negro who kicks his longstanding rival down!

Microman soon finds his footing as he takes MAN down with a head scissors and then nails him with 0.619!

Microman then further proves that he’s several steps ahead of MAN as he catches MAN up for another head scissors turned to victory roll for the definitive 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Microman & Lince Dorado

The celebration begins for Philly, Dorado, Microman and MSL, but the lights go out and a flash of the “AO” calling card appears on the big screen before several mysterious men attack the trio in the ring. Sure enough, they’re all donning gas masks – just like the “delivery man”  did to Hammerstone last week! What are these men’s intentions?

Hammerstone sure has his suspicions and he’s labeling the squid from The Samoan SWAT Team. “Do better next time!”

An update on Real1: there isn’t really an update! After getting “bada-boomed” by Mance Warner with a vehicle last week, Real1’s timetable for a return is unknown, but Ol’ Mancer served his time and is outta jail after the #FreeManceWarner movement made waves on social media. Both of Mancer’s Second Gear Crew members in Matt Justice and The One Called Manders were waiting for Mance. Manders said Mancer owes him a cool $10K in regards to the bail money, but nothing that can’t be solved over a few light beers.

Kayla Kassidy vs. Billie Starks

Billie is back in Philly, but the young star has quite the game opponent in Kayla Kassidy.

Starkz shows her skills as she takes Kayla to the outside before sizing her up for a stellar tope suicida! Starkz is fired up as she rolls Kassidy back in the ring, but Kassidy goes into another gear. She catches Starkz on the top rope and bounces her head off the turnbuckle before she gets caught in the ropes and slams her hard head first once more on the canvas!

Kassidy continues to show control, but Starkz scouts her out and catches her up top to nail her extremely innovative package piledriver muscle buster! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Billie Starkz

Post-match, Sam Leterna catches up with Taya Valkyrie on the stage who shares her excitement for her hubby John Hennigan in tonight’s main event, claiming that they’re both going to look good dripping in gold. Starkz decided to turn the tables on Taya and give her a little trash talk, but the Featherweight Champ seems to still underestimate Billie’s ability!

Kane is far from pleased from that knockout earlier on in the night and issues a challenge to Thomas and Mark Billington!

A huge line-up made for next week’s edition of “Underground” as The Billington Bulldogs will go up against The BOMAYE Fight Club. Plus, Lio Rush returns to face Jacob Fatu and not only that, but Alex Hammerstone will defend his World Title against Fatu’s cousin in Lance Anoa’i!

It’s main event time.

National Openweight Championship
John Hennigan (with Taya Valkyrie & Cesar Duran) vs. Davey Richards (c)

Both men show their speed and strong skill sets in this main event, but Davey displays why he is the champion as he catches Johnny Turncoat with a harsh kitchen sink!

The fight spills to the outside and Hennigan also becomes a pizza thief as he shoves Davey away with a Philly pie!

The two men get back in the ring, but that doesn’t mean everything is copacetic as Taya Valkyrie and Cesar Duran don’t shy away from helping Hennigan. John does find himself in dire straits as Davey hits his patented dragon screw over the second rope. Taya winces in pain for her husband and Duran is disgusted.

Davey gets Hennigan knotted up in a reverse death lock and Duran does The American Wolf dirty by pushing the bottom rope towards Hennigan for an easy break!

Hennigan catches Davey off-guard with a springboard enziguri, but it’s Davey who finds himself in control when he gives Hennigan several boots on the apron. He aims to suplex John back into the ring but Taya holds Davey’s leg for Hennigan to fall on top for a pin attempt: 1-2-no!

Hennigan looks to hit the Starship Pain, but Davey moves and it sets him up for his patented top rope double stomp. He covers for two, but doesn’t relent with a brain buster. He covers again and Hennigan kicks out! Davey doesn’t stop and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf! Hennigan is hurting and Duran climbs up on the apron to catch referee Frank Gastineau’s gaze as Taya runs in to hit Davey with gold! John covers and gets the 1-2-3! New champ!

WINNER and NEW National Openweight Champion: John Hennigan

Just a despicable display by Taya and Duran to get Hennigan gold in his first “Underground” fight and Taya’s prophecy earlier match.

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