BEASTMAN vs. Microman in NYC April 6

A (Micro) David vs Goliath clash signed

MLW today announced Beastman (managed by Kimchee) vs. Microman (managed by Mister Saint Laurent) at MLW War Chamber’23 Thursday, April 6 at New York City’s Melrose Ballroom.

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The card is an MLW TV taping, airing nationwide in the US and in over 60 countries around the world.

Super heavyweight Beastman is roaring mad. 

According to his handler, Kimchee, the 394-pounder has been keeping an eye on the miraculous ascension of the “World’s Greatest Wonder” Microman and is offended by Mister Saint Laurent’s claim Microman is truly “pound-for-pound” the greatest fighter in the sport. 

Not impressed by Microman’s 3-feet of fury, Beastman has demanded a match with the masked mini luchador… and he’s accepted! 

Will Beastman’s 350-pound advantage over the pugnacious pint-sized luchador lead to Microman’s end in MLW? Or will Microman light up Beastman like Times Square with his uncanny arsenal? 

Microman made need a MEGA miracle to survive this rumble in New York City.

Find out Thursday, April 6th in NYC at MLW War Chamber’23.

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