Underground Recap: Four-Way Fight In First-Ever League Dumpster Match


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This week, MLW Underground gets dirty as scores are to be settled in the league’s first ever dumpster match. Real1 has talked so much trash that he’s got three opponents looking to take him out in a vessel that many think suit him best. His competitors? Mance Warner, Matt Justice and the man who has a W over him, Microman!

Dumpster Match
Mance Warner vs. Matt Justice vs. Microman vs. Real1

The bell sounds and the four fighters square off. Real1 sizes Microman up, charges and hits a dropkick on his mighty nemesis, but Real1 has clearly created no friends as both members of SGC gang up on him!

Real1 fights for his life (and that includes fleeing) before he gets Microman isolated, but Justice cracks him in the back with a crutch. Mancer opens the dumpster as both men look to dump Real1 in but in a last ditch effort he grabs a trash can lid and nails both with it. He charges as Microman who drop toe holds him head first onto the lid! Microman gets fist bumps both from Mancer and Matt as we head to commercial break.

The dissection isn’t done as Mance holds the legs of Real1 as Justice drops Microman head first into the lower extremities of Real1! That gets a high five from Ol’ Mancer to his little buddy!

That lures Mancer and Matt to follow and Real1 crotches him on the guardrail before channeling Scott Hall with a Razor’s Edge into the ring post post and he also does the same to Justice. 

Microman still watches from up top before Real1 grabs him and tries to mock him by hoisting him up Simba style like he did weeks ago, but Mance catches Real1 from behind. He quickly leans a ring board in the corner and gives him a little Dusty Rhodes flip, flop and fly before charging. Real1 moves and it’s Mancer who goes through the board. Justice comes from behind and cracks Real1 with a chair before he takes a seat who watches Microman rolls Real1 onto the top of the dumpster.

Justice gets an idea and pulls out a humungous ladder. He sets it up in the ring, climbs up top and leaps off with an elbow drop, but just as he’s about to seal the victory, the lights go out and out come The Calling! It’s all out chaos as the faction look to take apart SGC ahead of their battle in the War Chamber!

WINNER: Matthew Justice

Back from break, the fight continues on backstage as SGC continue to fight it out against Raven and some of his gas masked followers!

Folks however can look forward to the return of MLW Fusion! Coming soon!

However, Alex Kane will not be looking forward to the 2023 Opera Cup as he’s been BANNED from competing after the disrespect he’s shown to the historic trophy. Competition for the Cup is upcoming, but Kane will only have the consolation prize of competing with Davey Boy Smith Jr. in a “catch wrestling” fight with no ring ropes. That match is next!

Earlier on, Sam Leterna caught up with Kane who was all too pleased about knocking the teeth out of Tom Billington. You can only imagine that’s gonna give DBS further incentive to make the “Suplex Assassin” tap or nap.

No Ropes Catch Wrestling Match
Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Alex Kane

These two men know one another’s moves already so well that this battle is indeed a physical chess match. Each fighter clutches the wrists of one another and it’s off to the races as it’s a combination of strength and mental mind games. The Philly crowd does show their BOMAYE appreciation as Davey manages to get Kane to the ground, but the two have to reset. We go to break.

Back from it, DBS goes to cinch in an armbar but has to kip up out of it. The two lock up again and once again goes for the armbar, but Kane leverages it for a few pin attempts before getting dirty and gouging Davey’s eyes which causes reprimandation from official Frank Gastineau. This sets up Kane for two German suplexes, but DBS Jr. rips two right back at Kane!

Punches are exchanged in the ring, but the backstage camera catches The Calling and SGC doing the same in the halls of the 2300 Arena!

Kane catches DBS with an exploder suplex before following up with an Angle Slam, but it’s only good for a two count. He goes for Davey’s Ankle but the two men keep battling back in forth with their own version of the Ken Shamrock submission before Davey turns it into a Sharpshooter!

The massive Mr. Thomas leans in and pulls Kane free and Davey pops him right off the ropeless apron! Kane goes for his mysterious BOMAYE juice. Kane goes to squirt it in the eyes of Davey who dodges it and catches him in a reverse choke! He puts Alex out to sleep and Smith gets his Opera Cup retribution!

WINNER: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Sam Leterna catches up with Lio Rush who hijacked Lince Dorado’s Middleweight gold and “The Bad Child” takes exception to that word. This is about respect and Dorado chose to disrespect him. Chaos is what Lince will get and Rush accuses him of dodging him. He says if Dorado wants this belt back, catch him if you can.

It’s main event time.

Calvin Tankman vs. Akira

Tankman sure has a score to settle with The Calling as he was one of the first fighters attacked by the group. Tank looks ready to roll but Akira comes out with Raven who looks emotionless as he grabs hold of a crowbar and the bell rings.

Akira sure shows his striking ability but Tankman puts that to an immediate stop by nailing him with a Pounce that causes Akira to go out and recuperate!

Back from the break, Tankman goes to get back in the ring but Akira rips and tears at the leg of Heavyweight Hustle. “Death by 1,000 cuts,” says Matt Striker. This may be taking away Tank’s power game as Raven looks on, still emotionless.

Tankman fires back with palm strikes, but Akira smoothly transitions into a modified octopus stretch that wears down his bigger foe.

Tank fights on, and looks to finish Akira in the corner, but Raven nails Tankman with a pipe in the achilles! It allows Akira to lock in a rear naked choke that causes Tankman to tumble to the mat and he is out cold.


Post-fight, The Calling lay a card on top of Tankman, but that causes all chaos to break loose in the ring and backstage between Raven’s crew and the Second Gear Crew. Akira leaps off the top rope with a chair and RSP lights a table aflame as the feed cuts out!

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