War Chamber Recap: The Calling Battles Hammerstone & Second Gear Crew


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It’s been a long time coming since anyone could contain The Calling, but it’s the group doing it by their own volition as they meet Alex Hammerstone and The Second Gear Crew in War Chamber! We look back on the destruction that Raven’s new flock has caused, but Hammer, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & The 1 Called Manders are ready for a fight.

Before we get to it, Sam Leterna is backstage with Davey Boy Smith Jr. who is ready to draw his number for Battle Riot V. DBS clearly didn’t draw the best number, but the 2019 Opera Cup Winner keeps his entrant literally close to his chest.

The Calling vs. Alex Hammerstone & Second Gear Crew

Entrant #1 is Rickey Shane Page who walks up to the medical table to chose a massive wrench as his weapon of choice. 

His first foe is Manders as the cowboy wastes no time in rekindling the two’s young rivalry. Manders slugs away at RSP who fights back and utilizes that wrench. However, a spine buster takes RSP down and Manders exacts some of his own handy work to RSP’s jaw.

The fight carries on as the clock ticks down and Manders continues to master the wrench.

After a break, out comes Akira as the numbers game is in favor of The Calling. RSP and Akira chop kick and stomp down on Manders as the two men begin a dissection of the former Iowa Hawkeye.

Out comes Matthew Justice with two steel chairs to even the odds! He tosses both in at his foes, channeling Sabu and  gives both Akira and RSP stinger splashes. Manders joins in as they go into “second gear” with Justice being used as a battering ram courtesy of a Manders Iowa Stampede!

The Calling are both literally cornered with chairs on them, but a wild card is introduced: Delirious comes out on behalf of Raven.

He bites Manders and The Calling gang up on Justice and Manders like a pack of hyenas. Delirious feeds both men Panic Attack knees as the Philly crowd boos the advantageous assault.

RSP wedges a chair in the corner and sends Manders head first into it as Delirious thrusts his shoulder into the stomach of Justice.

Out next is the World Champion, Alex Hammerstone who shows zero fear to Raven or the War Chamber. He comes in as hot as a ’91 Hogan tan and takes it to The Calling, including a massive power bomb to Delirious. That prompts NYC to make “Hammer” chants.

Hammer Irish whips his partners into his rivals and the trio exchange a high-five. He pins a chair on Akira before feeding him some stomps in the corner.

Out comes the mysterious and massive Dr. Cornwallis who still refuses to show his identity as he leaves the gas mask. He immediately makes an impact with a spinning wheel kick to the champion.

That fires off further violence as RSP jabs a fork repeatedly to the forehead of Justice! Cornwallis takes the wrench to the midsection of Hammerstone. Ten seconds until the final fighter comes out: Mance Warner who brings the crazy in for SCG. He shows just that to Delirious whom he bites on the foot and we go to break!

 Back from it, it’s an all out brawl before The Calling and SGC fight up top on the cage with the barbed wire! SGC gets the better of the exchange and a steel chair “toast” is made before they throw their weapons at The Calling.

Bad news however, is Hammerstone has to be carried to the back, apparently unable to continue in the fight.

Mance gets wild as he begins to tear at the barbed wire and Manders vaults Delirious into RSP! Up top, Mance gets a chair tossed to him as Justice hoists Akira up in a Doomsday Device. Mance comes crashing down with the chair to the skull of Akira! He covers: 1-2-no!

Cornwallis senses the urgency for The Calling as he knocks SGC down like bowling pins with punches, but Manders suplexes him down.

Mance then does a huge wind-up for a flip, flop and fly to Akira before sandwiching a knee to his face with a steel chair in between!

That motivates Matthew to beat down RSP with a chair, but he gets booted down by the bloody big man. RSP motions for more Calling members to come down and NYC boos them big time. They pull out tables from outside of the ring.

Back from break, a table is in the middle of the ring as SGC get the advantage and stack chairs back to back on top of it.  Mancer drops him down with a superplex!

He covers, but off comes Delirious from he top with a Snuka splash, but also gets caught in the barbed wire at the same time. He tries to get the pin on Mance, but Justice follows suit and hits him with a splash too! 1-2-Akira kicks Delirious free. An emphatic DDT by RSP to Justice is good enough for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Calling

Raven tosses out cards to the fallen fighters as we’re left to wonder what happened to Hammer and what does it mean for the World Title picture?

It’s not long before we do get a word from League CEO Court Bauer who says the injury looks rough for Hammer as an ambulance has arrived to take the Champ to a nearby New York hospital. Bauer says they’re gonna take this process day-by-day but makes clear he has no plans for a interim champion for linear reasons and when Leterna asks about the possibility of the need to vacate for Battle Riot V. Before Bauer can comment, in comes Alex Kane in an attempt to stake claim to that possibility, but it’s Davey Boy Smith Jr. who takes exception, noting that he just choked Kane out. Alex takes a cheap shot at DBS and an all-out brawl commences backstage in advance of Battle Riot next week!

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